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  • Jessie Also Delayed?

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    The first copy of Pavan Wadeyar's new film Jessie, starring Dhananjaya and Parul Yadav is likely to be delayed. It was expected that the film would release on March 18. But it will be delayed by one week, sources said.


    The first copy of the film is expected to be ready tomorrow (March 13). It will be applied for a Censor Certificate immediately the following day. But it is unlikely to be cleared within 2-3 days. Moreover the film team feels that there is not enough publicity for the film and one more week is required to complete all formalities. 

  • Jessie Audio by Puneeth on Valentine's Day

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    Pavan Wadeyar's new triangle love story Jessie is gearing up for its audio release. The audio release is fixed for Valentine's day February 14. Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar is releasing the audio. The film stars Dhananjay, Raghu Mukherjee and Parul Yadav.

    The music of the film is scored by Anoop Seelin. Meanwhile Wadeyar is busy with another film Nataraja Service starring Sharan. He had directed Puneeth in Ranavikrama.

  • Jessie Censored U/A - Releasing on March 25th

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    Pavan wadeyar's new triangle love story Jessie has been censored with U/A certificate and is releasing on 25th March.  Movie is produced by RS Srinivas. The film stars Dhananjay, Raghu Mukherjee and Parul Yadav.

    The music of the film is scored by Anoop Seelin. Meanwhile Wadeyar is busy with another film Nagaraja Service starring Sharan.

  • Jessie Director Pavan Wodeyar

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    Looks like Kanakapura Srinivas and Srikanth is on a producing spree these days. Recently, their new film being directed by Vijayendra Prasad was launched. Next week their another film is being launched. With two films in hand, Srinivas and Srikanth is all set to start yet another film called 'Jessie' being directed by Pavan Wodeyar.

    'Jessie' stars Dhananjay, Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee in prominent roles. Pavan's favourite cameraman Vaidi is the cinematographer of the film, while Anoop Seelin is in charge of the music. The film is likely to go on floors in the month of July.

    Earlier, there was a news that Jayanna who had produced Pavan's 'Ranavikrama' and 'Googly' would be producing the film. However, Jayanna denied that he would producing the film and now the project has fallen to Srinivas and Srikanth's hands and the duo are all set to produce the film.

  • Jessie Journalist's Name - Exclusive

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    The second schedule of Pavan Wadeyar's new film Jessie will start on August 19 in Mudigere in Chikkamagaluru. The triangle love story starring Dhananjay, Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee completed the first schedule in Ooty recently.

    The character played by Raghu Mukherjee in the film is named after a Kannada film journalist. When Wadeyar was writing the script the journalist called him. Headgear was just then thinking about a name for the character. He named the character after the journalist who called combat that time.

    Strange are some inspirations.

  • Jessie Movie Review

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    Director Pavan Wadeyar has scored another hit with Jessie. He has masterfully blended a love story into a horror story and made it an entertaining film to watch. The film takes the viewrs on a beautiful journey of love and then to the thrilling horror. The emotional play of the minds of the main characters adds drama to the story. Beautiful locations and more beautiful songs add charm to the film. Along with superb acting and with a steady narrative, Jessie is another must-watch film.


    The film starts with Dr Nandini who starts work as a doctor. She is the most beautiful girl in Malgudi and therefore has many admirers. So many boys propose to her but she refuses. Finally, one charmer (Dhananjay as Jessie Gift) manages to win her heart. It seems her wait for the perfect match is found. But there is a surprising twist in the interval. It is not just a surprise in the plot but the entire genre of the film changes after that. 

    In the second half there is more stuff and many more characters which add surprising elements. There is tragedy, horror and definitely drama. It is one of the best entertaining films in recent times. Dhananjay, Raghu Mukherjee and Parul Yadav have given wonderful performances. Parul Yadav as both the bubbly lover girl and then the scared woman is great. 

    There are so many other good things in the film. Good cinematography, super songs and background music along with good acting makes Jessie a compulsive watch. Go for it.

    chitraloka Rating 3.5/5


  • Jessie Triangle Love Story with Religious Twist

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    Pavan Wadeyar's Jessie is one of the few films in Kannada in which the hero plays a Christian. Only a handful of such films come to mind including Ambarish's Tony. Jessie is however a love triangle with Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee playing the other two lead roles.


    The film is scheduled for release on March 24 and is one of the most expected films this year. Pavan has four back to back hit films as director behind him (including one in Telugu) and therefore there is a lot riding on this film in the form of expectations. This is the first time he has attempted a love triangle. It brings back the heroine of his first film Parul Yadav.

  • Online Piracy is Becoming a Big Menance - Exclusive

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    Movie producers invest crores of Rupees to make a movie and release it in theatres. It is a fact that 90% of the movies in all languages do no do well in the box office. Only a few will become super hit and a few more become box office hits.

    Piracy - Chitraloka KM Veeresh Writes

    But why don't people come to theatres to watch Kannada films even if they are good and win appreciation from the audience and not just from critics? That is the big question. One of the reasons is the rate of admission in the multiplexes. But there is a lurking danger in the from of another reason. Why would you pay for a film in the multiplex or theatre if you can watch it free online? 

    Roshan Baig Ready to Talk with President About Piracy

    Yes. Online piracy is becoming a big menace day by day. But nobody seems to realize the seriousness of the situation. Many Kannada movies which has been released in theatres is available online and these are not official. Pirated versions of the film are released online. Even though most of them are camera prints they are good enough to watch on computers.


    Jessie movie was released in theatres on March 25th. It was available on the net from June 19th. SV Babu produced Ricky movie starring Rakshith Shetty, Haripriya was released on January 22 and it was there to watch online from 7th June 2016. Like these many Kannada movies are available online. And none of them have been uploaded officially by the film makers. They do not get a single paisa from it. But the biggest horror is that some of the movies that are online have not even been sold to TV channels for satellite telecast rights. With pirated versions available online, TV channels do not want to pay for purchasing TV telecast rights!


    This is not the first time it is happening. Aatagara movie was uploaded online.

    Through Chitraloka and Raviraj, the Kananda movie Drishya's distribution rights was purchased for the USA market. After the first screening there was a shocking news. High quality Drishya movie was available on the Net which had a watermark reading 'Censor Copy'! Now how do you expect people to pay for it when it is availabe for free online.

    Stop Legal Online screening Says Roopesh - Exclusive

    1st Rank Raju producer Manjunath Kandkur says "Our movie was running well in Karnataka and became a big hit. But it was leaked online. After this when we released the movie in USA it was a flop. Because of online piracy we lost lakhs of Rupees. Even our TV rights has not been sold."


    When Chitraloka spoke to Mohan of Ananda Audio he said "it is very difficult to control online piracy. There is a way to stop it in You Tube. If they have the account let the movie producer write to Youtube and they will block the video. But if it is available on other servers like torrents it is very difficult. If a movie producer gives authorization letter to us we will try to control online piracy. This problem exists  not only for Kannada but almost all language movies are facing the same threat. Bollywood movie Great Grand Masti which was supposed to release in August is available online now. It is now in the hands of all the film chambers in India to sit and think on how we can stop online piracy."

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  • Puneeth Releases Jessie Audio

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    On the occasion of the Valentines Day, actor Puneeth Rajakumar released the songs of 'Jessie' being composed by music composer Anup Seelin. 'Jessie' is a triangular love story being written and directed by Pavan Wodeyar. Pavan himself has scripted the film. Kanakapura Srinivas has produced the film, while Dhananjay, Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee play prominent roles in the film.


    One of the other highlights is Anup Seelin has floated a new music company called JP music and has released the album through this compnay. KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy chairman Rajendra Singh Babu, N M Suresh, distributor Baasha, Kanakapura Srinivas were present at the occasion.

  • Six Movie to Release This Week

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    Like previous few weeks, this Friday is also going to witness the release of six Kannada films simultaneously on the 25th of March. This Friday Pawan Wodeyar's 'Jessie', Gowrish Akki's 'Cinema My Darling', Yogi starrer 'Kalabhairava', Sanjay's 'Byadgi Mirchi', 'Nitya Jothe Satya' and 'Matte Shhh' are getting released.


    Out of the six films, expectations are mainly pinned on 'Jessie' starring Dhananjay, Parul Yadav and Raghu Mukherjee in lead roles apart from 'Cinema My Darling' and 'Kalabhairava'.