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  • Gokul Films Back To Kannada

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    Those familiar with Kannada films of the 1980s and 1990s will be familiar with the name Gokul Films. This firm was one of the biggest film distributors in Kannada and ventured into film production also. They distributed some 80 films and produced five of them including Khiladi Gandu, Kodagina Cauvery and Love Triangle. The company started film distribution with Haalunda Tavaru and went on to distribute films like Yama Kinkara, Gadibidi Ganda and dozens of others. The firm is run by Gokul Raj and his brothers Suresh and Balaram. They however ceased their business in 1999-2000.

    Last year, Gokul Films surprised everyone by making a return to film distribution. In a high profile return they released Rajinikanth starrer Lingaa and Vikram starrer I, both Tamil films in Karnataka. Now they have made their reentry into Kannada films after a gap of 16 years. They are distributing Sudeep's Ranna, one of the most expected films of the year. Gokul Films in their new innings are planning to release only big films or very good films which they feel would be big at the box office. In the days to come Gokul Films are readying to release many big Kannada films.  

  • Gokul Films Buys Distribution Of Chambal For A Great Price

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    One of the leading film distributors in the state - Gokul Films, which has distributed several big banner and big star movies including non-Kannada movies of that of Super Star Rajinikanth and many others, has secured the distribution rights of Jacob Varghese's directorial ‘ Chambal’.

    According to the makers, Gokul Films has offered a good price for the distribution of the movie in the state. Earlier, the movie starring Sathish Ninasam and Sonu Gowda, was in news for Rs 10 crore offer by Netflix, which the team rejected it while opting for a theatrical release.

    Though the director and film team have maintained that the movie is not about IAS officer late D K Ravi, the movie has certainly evoked enough attention with Sathish playing an IAS officer with striking similarities to late Ravi in the trailer.

    With three days to go for the release on Feb 22, the distributors acquiring the distribution right for good amount shows the confidence about the content and making of the movie, for a guaranteed success.

  • Ranna Rakes up a Controversy

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    Chandrashekar, the producer of Sudeep's latest film Ranna has raked up a controversy. Gokul Films had released the film as official distributor. But today Chandrashekar has released advertisements showing  that his Nimishamba Pictures is distributor of the film.

    Sources said that after the original agreement there was differences and Chandrashekar demanded back the distribution rights. Negotiations were underway from the day the film released last Thursday.

    Gokul Films is claiming that it is the rightful distributor as per the agreement and even the Film Chamber has authorised it.

    Who is right and who is wrong is a big question!

    watch out for detailed report in chitraloka soon