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  • Eradane Sala Shooting Starts From June 12th

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    If everything had gone right, then Dhananjay starrer 'Eradane Sala' to be directed by Guruprasad and produced by Yogeesh Narayan was supposed to release by now. But due to sudden commitments the film which was launched one and half years back is all set to start on June 12th.

    Yes, the shooting for 'Eradane Sala' is all set to start from the 12th of June. The film was launched on December 26th 2013. However, the film got delayed due to various reasons. Now that both Guruprasad and Dhananjay are free, they are planning to start the shooting for the film soon.

    The shooting for the film is likely to be held in Mysore and other places. After the completion of the film, Guruprasad is expected to host a reality programme in Kasturi TV.

  • Producer Complaint Against Guruprasad

    producer complaint aganist guruprasad

    Eradane Sala producer Yogish Narayan has said that he is filing complalints with the KFCC and the Producers Association against director Guruprasad. The film released this week and has received tremendous response from all over. But the producer Yogish Narayan is still very upset. 

    Speaking to Chitraloka Yogish said, "We started this project 4 years back. Guruprasad had told us he will finish the movie in 9 months but he kept on dragging. Because of this our movie's budget has crossed my limits and we are paying huge interest for the money we have borrowed. Till the post production work started he was there with us and then we had to do the remaining work. Even for the audio release he did not turn up  inspite of our serveral requests. He has not come to any promotional activities of the film till now."

    Yogish Narayan has now decided to take action. He said, "Being a producer we know how difficult it is to get money for producing a film. Till now he has not put his signature on the NOC for 100 per cent tax exemption. He is not receiving our phone calls. Today I have got a letter from Anand Audio saying that we have used their songs in our movie without permission. I had clearly told Guruprasad earlier not to use he songs of Anand Audio without permission but Guruprasad had said that he has taken the permission. I am now giving complaint against him to KFCC and producers association."