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Traditional marketing techniques cannot be used in overseas movie screening. The budget required for traditional marketing is very high and is not viable for Kannada market. How do we promote the movies in overseas? Everyone wants an answer to the above question in the KFI. 

- We rely on online websites for movie promotion. Chitraloka has been a tremendous help in this area. This was the only portal since 2000 that has reached overseas audiences successfully. 

- We use Social Media (FB, Twitter) to post about the movie screening dates by creating our own pages. This has a very good reach in that particular geographical location. 

- We use also WhatsApp group locally to connect with local audiences about the movie release and other updates. 

- We also put the posters in the theatres that will screen movies Kannada movies regularly (2 weeks in advance).

- We also screen trailers for future movies during the screening of Kannada movies. 

- We also put the flyers and posters in the Indian Grocery stores. 

- We also put flyers in Indian Community centers, Temples. 

- We also take the help of local Kannada community (Kannada Koota) for promoting the movie by sending the newsletter to all the members. 

- The movie theatre also updates the Kannada movies in their website as well (Coming soon section).

- Distributors will also send email blast to entire Kannada community database maintained internally. 

(to be continued)

(Article by Atlanta Nagendra)

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