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parvathamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Costumes are important than story....

Today’s generation directors pay less attention towards script. They mainly concentrate on costumes,dancers, fights. They have become competitive, all they think is other movie dance sequence has 50 dancers, i should put 100 dancers in my movie, if that movie has fight master, i should bring somebody else in my movie.

In Rajkumar’s entire film history there was only one dance master - Upupi Jayram; only one fight master – Y.Shivayya. My kids always praise Rajkumar’s film fights. We say that the fight scenes comes out well because there is only one fight scene. There was no dupe for Rajkumar. He was doing everything. In those days, whenever there was dupe the hero and dupe never used to visit sets together. First hero used to finish his portion and then dupe used to finish his, later they mix all these portions. Whenever u watch movie you will be awed by it.

Today everybody is aware of how a movie is made. The film industry which was closed, has been opened. No matter what the fight scene is people say “we know it was dupe who did this fight”. Henceforth, today’s artist should work hard more than those days. There should be physical pain in work they do.

We realized how big the Hubbali Market was during the filming of “Girikanye” when we had to put an office set for the movie. Hubbali people are crazy over arts and talents. There is no point in searching for the X- factor in movie and it is not necessary either. A good script and a suitable actor to the role will do the magic. Everybody should have the exuberance to give a good movie. That exuberance was present in Rajkumar.

I was adamant for only one thing and that was to cast only kannada artists in my movies. I have always given chance to kannada artists. It is us who should give a chance to them. Artists like Vajramuni, Toogudep, Shanimahadevappa, Bhatti Mahadevappa, Nagappa, who firmly believe and trust in Rajkumar’s company. There were artists who left Theatre Company and joined film industry. Is it right to do injustice to them?

I have always signified one thing in my entire life, never bring a government employee or any business employee into film industry. They might ask for less remuneration but they will also get a salary for other business. But the artists completely believe this industry. Give them a chance. If there is a villain role give a chance to M P Shankar or Togudeep Srinivas.I must admit that Sangeetham Srinivas is great. Whenever we recommend any artist to him, he always obliged. He had the power to change any artist image. It was him who made Togudeep Srinivas do comedy role in “HaaluJeenu”. Rajkumar too never declined for casting any actor. All that mattered to him was movie turning out good.