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parvathamma rajkumar image
parvathamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

This was not the matter with Heroines. The number of girls entering to kannada films was very less.They were shy to enter films. But we always have worked with Kannada heroines when ever we could. Actress like Kalpana, Jayamala, Manjula (etc) was introduced to industry by us.

In a way, we were the reason for Arthi to enter film industry. In my children’s films, actress like Sudharani, Anu, Prema, Asharani, Now, Ramya, Rakshitha, Malashree was introduced to industry from our banner. We had helped Malashree grow in such a way that, more than hero she was important in films. We can still give chance to many heroines.

There is a taboo that film industry is bad- corrupted and because of that many of them are frantic to enter the industry. I have always been adamant to cast Kannadiga’s in our movies. We always asked producers to give a chance to artists like Jayashree, Papamma, Shanthamma etc. Due to my adamency most of them are angry on me. There were few people who even said “why does she say like that?, does she own the industry?” i used to reply “yes, industry is mine, now listen to whatever i say.” 

I believe,If you are not that adamant, nothing good can happen in industry. Even now, whenever they increased remuneration to non Kannada artists i scold them. I ask them why do they spend lakhs and lakhs on non Kannandiga artists, why don’t u give a chance to Kannada artists. People get angry for that also.

Till “Shabdavedi” movie i used to select costumes for my heroines. Saritha, Geetha, Madhavi, nobody used to object me. They used to ask for extra costumes, if required. We used to purchase them. Rajkumar was very much disciplined towards costumes.

We visited the shooting set of Girikanye. A night before the shooting, i asked Rajkumar to see the costumes, he said there is nothing to see. I persuaded him to see the costumes once; when he saw the costumes he immediately got angry. He called the boy and asked “for owner’s role you brought such low budget costume and for a servant role which i am acting, you have purchased such costly costume.” He asked the boy to change the costume. Next day after a lot of searching, we bought a banyan and lungi . That costume was liked and appreciated by everyone.