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parvathamma rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

I am the sculptor of my own success. This is the line which i keep repeating myself. I believe that for anybody’s success, one has to work hard. It’s a lie if we expect for anyone to come and help us.

If you have to climb, you will climb. If you fall down you are the one who will fall down. Casteism wont help too. Rajkumar has always followed one principle. He never indulged himself in any functions related to his own caste. If anybody asked him which caste does he belong, he always replied 'I am Kalavidara Jaathi' (artiste caste)"

Why should we visit only our caste functions? Everybody watches our movies, irrespective of caste. We want everyone. We belong to everyone. We either attend everyone’s function or don’t attend at all.You should now really think how Rajkumar has survived in this industry for 51 years. Rajkumar has done so many good things;  It is not right to trumpet ourselves. But when we stand out we should not ignore all the things which he has done in past 51 years.

Just imagine how many producers have survived because of him, how many artists, technicians have entered film industry because of him. It is not easy to rise from ashes to a huge storng pillar. If a film has turned out as box office failure, then he has provided a call sheet for different movie and strives so much, does anyone know that? Look at present day artist, one day he takes remuneration of Rs.25,000 and next day he asks for 2 lakhs, later 4 lakhs then 8 lakhs and so on. The reason for this hike is producers.

There is no unity between producers, few of them will be there and few here. During those days, a producer used to invest his own money, or by receiving money from distributor, and hence the producer used to have the responsibility to finish the movie and handover it to distributor, but now, the money is invested by unknown resources and producer is less responsible towards the movie. It’s more like we are tying our own hands.Everybody should do their job efficiently. The work has to run smoothly, even though producer has taken up distributorship. Few days ago, Nannayya said that “a vegetable vendor has also become a producer”, and i completely agree to it. You bring money from somewhere, invest excess amount in films, and give how much ever money is being asked as payment.

On top of all these you make movie which includes rowdism, bloodshed or slaughtering. A producer has lost his identity since the introduction of all these. This is what I feel. An industry is all about ups and downs. Everything may get back normal one day. We are the reason for industry being like this, then and now, if a producer is determined then our industry can grow into unbreakable height. We all are surviving because of this industry.

But one of my worst fear is that, nobody is afraid anymore. I feel the industry has come on roads. Every movie won’t be success. This is happening in other language industry as well and not only in our industry.

My son Raghavendra Rajkumar was on his way to airport he got phone calls that they are waiting for Tuesday. Incidentally this Tuesday - 6 th November 2005 is my birthday. Raghu was wondering about how is everyone aware of my birthday date. Then they said they are waiting for the column written by me. Director Bhargava, Phani Ramachandra, Pattabhiram and others are reading this column without fail.

Chitraloka wishes Smt.Parvathamma Rajkumar on the occasion of her birthday.