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k m veeresh, sudeep

It has been 17 years since the day I first met Sudeep. There are hundreds of newcomers to the film industry every year. Only a very few go on to survive for years. And among those very few, a mere handful actually remain in public memory.

Among those handful maybe one or two in 4-5 years become stars. It takes a generation for a superstar to be made. One such star and also an actor of a generation is Sudeep. Film journalists have access to film stars readily and in the case of photo-journalists like me there is an even closer professional working relationship.

As Sudeep steps celebrates his 41st birthday, I sit down to pen down these memories of almost two decades of my interaction with Sudeep and also my observations on the growth of his career as well as his personality. Sudeep is reputed for several things, both real and imagined.

For example, his great voice is real but is the 'arrogance' that some people associate him with? Here is a real look at the man who made the word 'impossible' sound silly. His career through my eyes and the eyes of my camera!

(To be continued)

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