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Dear K.M.Veeresh, Namaskara,
I humbly request you not to publish any statement from any Trustees or Directors of AKKA. THe statement from The secretary or the President of AKKA is valid and Offical. Please do the favour to uphold the image of AKKA, which represents Kannada community of USA.
Thank you very much

World Kannada Conference organizers issue clarification regarding AKKA and Sri. Ashwath: AKKA is a totally separate entity from the Texas hosts .The prideful hosts, volunteers, and attendees of the hugely successful Kannada conference are dismayed by AKKA and its treatment of Sri Ashwath.
HOUSTON, TX - November 7, 2000. In the afterglow of the highly successful World Millennium Kannada Conference (WMKC-2000) held recently in Houston, the current spate of news accounts regarding the poor treatment of the world famous Kannadiga talent, Sri. Ashwath, at the hands of the organization called "AKKA" (Association of Kannada Kootas of America) comes as a huge disappointment to all the organizers and volunteers of WMKC-2000. WMKC-2000 was the joint effort of the Kannada Associations of the four major cities of
Texas: Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. By its constitution and organization, as well as by its legally established charter and tax status, the organizing committee of WMKC-2000 is, and always has been, a completely separate organization from AKKA.
Early in the planning and organization stages of WKMC-2000, AKKA sought a role as a supporting partner for the World conference. However, due to a variety of reasons (non-representative nature of AKKA and its board, AKKA's insignificant contribution to the organizing effort, AKKA's intemperate attitude towards the Texas hosts), some of which now self-evident in AKKA's treatment of Sri. Ashwath, the WMKC-2000 organization regrettably has had to disengage from AKKA for quite some time, save for the courtesy of helping AKKA with its activities. One such courtesy extended to AKKA by WMKC-2000 was to provide the primetime stage and recognition for one the artists, Sri. Ashwath, that AKKA had independently invited and sponsored to a tour of USA.
Providing such a prominent stage to highlight the enormous talents of Sri Ashwath, was the full and total extent of the commitment by WMKC-2000 to AKKA and to Sri Ashwath.
WMKC-2000 wishes to emphatically announce that WMKC has fully met all of its financial and other obligations related to the conference.  It is the hope of all of us at WMKC-2000 that AKKA will now step up to the plate, and meet its promises and commitments to Sri Ashwath.
The pride felt toward the World Kannada Conference by the Kannadiga attendees from all around the world, is fittingly displayed in the feedback guest book at our web site: http://www.kannada2000.org. WMKC-2000 strongly feels that the community spirit of Kannadigas of USA and Canada should not be forsaken by the poor conduct of a few members of the separate organization known as AKKA.
Jayaram Nadig
Chairman, WMKC-2000

Dear Mr. K. M. Veeresh,
This is to inform you is that, as an AKKA Board Member, AKKA Trustee and AKKA director, H. S. Jayaswamy does not represent as AKKA President, he just an Care Taker Executive of AKKA. Elections are coming and a new team will be elected in AKKA.
AKKA Board has to approve everything in AKKA now. The past President, Past Secretary and Past Tresurer are just Care Taker Executives of AKKA. They have to obtain AKKA Board's approval for any decisions they make.
This is for information to your company and Kannadigas in particular.
V. M. Kumaraswamy
Irvine, California, USA
Dear Mr. Veeresh:
I am forwarding this email for your information.  Except the Board nobody including Mr. Prabhu Dev is authorized to speak on behalf of AKKA.
Seetha V. Ramaiah, AKKA Trustee and Director

Kannadigas to know this Information
AKKA as an organization is not going back on its words because it did not have any committment with Sri C. Aswath. Everything was arranged and organised by H. S. Jayaswamy with Mr. C. Aswath. AKKA does not have any letters from Mr. C. Aswath regarding this. H. S. Jayaswamy is committed to collect the expenses of Mr. C. Aswath tour of USA in this regard. Mr. H. S. Jayaswamy convinced AKKA Board and made them to agree and sponsor the " Manuja Matha Vishwa Patha" program at WMKC 2000. All the agreements are between H.S.Jayaswamy and Sri. C. Aswath. H.S.Jayaswamy is the one who made arrangements for the tour of Mr. C. Aswath in USA.
H. S. Jayaswamy by his actions ( STOP PAYMENT OF CHECK UNILATERALY without the AKKA Board approval along with Secretary and Treasurer of AKKA ) has caused severe damage to the reputation of Mr. C Aswath, who is one of the recipients of the Karnataka’s highest Award viz., ‘The Santha Shishunaala Sheriff Award’ for Sugam Sangeet and needless to mention, is one of the VVIP’s of the state, by H. S. Jayaswamy's unilateral actions along with Secretary and Treasurer of AKKA.
By issuing a cheque for US$4,500 on Bank of America dated 23rd September 2000, and instructing the bank to ‘stop payment by H. S. Jayaswamy acting along with Secretary and Treasurer without AKKA Board approval.
It is an irresponsible act by H. S. Jayaswamy ( along with AKKA Secretary and AKKA Treasurer).

The humiliation caused to Mr. C. Aswath by H. S. Jayaswamy is highly deplorable, and reflects on his way of doing things.
It pains to note that H. S. Jayaswamy along with Secretary and Treasurer being associated with AKKA, which is formed to bring together the Kannadigas of the USA to have oneness, is contributing knowingly or unknowingly, for the fragmentation of Kannadigas
Venkatappa Kumaraswamy
Dear Jayaswamy:
You have defamed AKKA and Kannadigas by your shameless action of putting a stop payment on Mr. C. Aswath's check. This is the height of irresponsibility onyour part.  You cannot pretend like an innocent guy and it is high time you come out and accept you responsibility for this fiasco.
Your E-mail memo shown in Chitraloka is a misrepresentation of facts and it is high time you correct your mistakes.
I am sorry to say that you have failed in your fiduciary responsibility to AKKA not only as its President but also as a Trustee.
Seetha V. Ramaiah, AKKA Trustee and Director

Dear Mr. Veeresh, namaskara,
I request you,Please refrain from publishing any thing in your columns. It will be a great help you can do to AKKA as well as to USA Kannadigas. Our  AKKA Trustee Mr. Prabhu Dev who is at Bangalore is requested to to do his best to give the better image of AKKA. Mr. Aswath will get the money.
Thank you for your cooperation


Hello Mr. K. M. Veeresh,

I had sent you via Email a Press Release from AKKA Board.
AKKA Board requests you to put in your website as an information to your readers and Kannadigas in USA and Karnataka.
V. M. Kumaraswamy
Los Angeles, USA

Dear Sri Veeresh
Thank you for your quick reply.
Also for the info on Nagatahalli's new film title.I have also spread the word about C. Aswath's problemswith AKKA.  I was in Houston for the Millenniumcelebrations.  I throughly enjoyed Ashwath's music and especially Sangeeta Katti's song: Vande Mataram which was superb.
I am also talking to Sri Jayasawamy, President of AKKA, whom I know very well.
-Dr. Nag Rao
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

It was a surprise for me and that AKKA had approved the payment for Ashwath and the only ones that could have put a stop payment to this check are the AKKA president H.S. Jayaswamy, Treasurer Supriya Desai or Secretary Renuka Ramappa.  It turns out the culprit is the President, who put the stop payment on Ashwath's check.  It looks like he is trying to blame AKKA for his actions.
The only course of action for Ashwath is to talk to Jayaswamy and get all the facts before acting rashly.  It is my opinion that the great musician for whom I have lot of regard has acted rashly on this matter and has done irreparable damage to the cause of Kannadigas knowingly or unknowingly.
The situation reminds me of the Kannada proverb "Beli eddu Hola Maida Hage" or the famous TQM statement "who guards the guards?"  My only request is let us act responsibly like we expect others.
Seetha V. Ramaiah, AKKA Trustee and Director

Hi Every body
The statement made by Mr.C.Aswath in Chitraloka.com is true. Mr.C.Aswath called me twice yesterday regarding the check issue. AKKA has to get their act together and resolve the matter immediately. It is disgraceful to treat a celebrity from Karnataka like this.
It appears there is a difference of opinion among AKKA executive members. It is not a good sign for growing organization. Looks to me like somebody acted to make a stop payment without AKKA executive board approval.Please resolve immediately to avoid further legal action.
With regards.

Dear Sir,
I am president of 'Sangama', kannada association in St. Louis, MO. I am sorry to hear about Aswath's situation with AKKA. I hope he won't hold it against all kannadigas in the United States. I hope he will viist us again. We enjoy and respect his musical talents.

Hema Srikanta
St. Louis, MO U.S.A.

Congratulations on your new web site Chitraloka.com. I have been visiting your site for some time and I applaud your efforts. Kindly visit the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana web site http://www.Kannada2000.org/.

Also, thank you for publishing C. Aswath's responses continuously. Keep in touch.

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