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The Gnanapeeth award winner Dr.U.R.Ananthamurthy chairing the 'Maha Manthana' a seminar organized by Chitraloka mega portal and Rejoyz Digital auditorium on Wednesday evening agreed in total the observation made by national and international acclaimed director Girish Kasaravalli that that the need of the hour is the professional approach to float the Kannada films at the national and international level. Beside this Dr.URA emphasized on the marketing of the film to be taken up by other than film personalities for the promotion of the good quality films. As an advice he pointed the quotation 'create taste by which you judge'. He is also of the opinion that we have to do our cinema. That is what Iranian films have done. Cinema should be also a part of the textbooks at School and College levels he felt. There is nothing like regional Indian cinema. As a strong force the lobbying is needed for protecting Kannada cinemas and taking it to higher levels he observed in his address.
Following a few of the observations made today is like going a step ahead felt the reputed literary giant of Karnataka Dr.URA.
At the good turn out of audience at Rejoyz digital theatre the three hours churning of the practical problems of Kannada filmdom has turned out to be very useful and the conclusion arrived was of course an eye opener.
Take a look at what the other speakers have told on this occasion:
The main stress at this 'Maha Manthana' was laid on why Kannada films are not able to get the mileage of what other language films get. What is the reason for the lack of recognition – actress cum ace program conductor Malavika efficiently handled the three hours event.
T.S.NAGABHARANA – I tell from my experience of three decades. We have to learn to live making off beat and commercial cinema not giving up our nativity, culture, tradition and smell of this land. When I took three years to make my first film 'Grahana' and three years to release it I realized that this is not the way I should forge ahead. What is required at the stage of Kannada film is a strong collective effort.
S.V.RAJENDRA SINGH BABU – Spreading the Kannada language film is of course should be the top priority. The Archive strength, government move at the national level is lacking. Mungarina Minchu was inspiration for Hindi film maker. Muttina Hara clippings were taken by J.P.Dutta and he made 'Border'. There was no courtesy for 'Muttina Hara'. We have to get hold of strong approach. Rs.50 lakhs is need for publicity of a Kannada film today.
V.MANOHAR – Publicity and Marketing of a film is very important. Persons like Manirathnam and Ramgopal Verma work for their own films. That is why they get such mileage. Our directors work for other producers and they don't have the voice in the promotion and publicity of the film.
B.SURESH – I don't agree some bigwigs like Manirathnam or RGV are extraordinary brilliant. All national level films should have the human and moral element. We have literate people but they are not educated in the cinema industry. For completeness we need something else. Cajoling ourselves and ditching nicely should be stopped in us. In the yesteryears the distributor taking less price for the films they have taken the films to nook and corner. We don't have any such person today to treat the film as our cinema. I feel the need is strengthening our borders. Teaching technology is required not acting. The remake culture is another big drain in our growth. The support of media is also essential he felt. The collective strength of good quality films is Chitra Samooha. But this is a minority activity. This has barricade. We are not 'Brahma' to forecast the developments.
POORNIMA , EDITOR UDAYAVANI – I agree with all the speakers so far. But from point of view the lobbying power can only take us to higher levels. We have talent, do hard work. The growth at the national level is only from marketing mantra and lobbying. Take the example of Narayanamurthy. He represents the entire software technology. The Tamil and Malayalam languages do at the New Delhi level. Why not Kannada? Without lobbying in right perspective nothing is possible. This is the age to hire professionals for marketing. It should happen for Kannada films.
GIRISH KASARAVALLI – When there is competition, then there is danger. With this the copying is further damaging. We have to see what is inside our culture and tradition in films. We have not done it. The situation we faced when Kannada films were based at Madras is no different today. Following our 'Parampare' and working on it is very less in Kannada. When this is not a problem in other areas of activity in Karnataka why is it happening here only? It is because we follow others and not dig what we have in abundance. The entire Indian film industry sat up when it saw 'Samskara'. For 'Roja' the politics was good. The Telugu films make keeping mind the present day politics. Today I do not agree Manirathnam as a great director. But his representation and strength is what given him the national standing and international reach I feel.
The Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films spend Rs.50 crores on project we need not have to follow it. That was not done by Malayalam and Bengali films. They said we give the smell of our land and culture and won. The need at this stage is approach to film making should drastically change. Acting or know how of technology does not come on its own. Struggle is required. What Dr.Shivarama Karanth was telling is very evident today. The only thing that comes in heredity is the disease not the knowledge.
H.D.GANGARAJU, President of KFCC – Making use of theatres is in our hands. We have to give the films to them. On Kempe Gowda Road theatres – Except Movieland and Abhinay theatre all the theatres are showing Kannada films. Likewise Lavanya theatre is showing a Kannada film.