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It is with deep regret that I have to accept that some technical complications forced Chitraloka,  the  most popular mega site dedicated to the Kannada film industry  to have a major break down. This led to an inevitable situation where we could not proceed on with our regular work of reaching out our loyal browsers and the Portal was out of viewing for quite some time. The major technical complications took lot of time for restoration. Our server technicians worked overtime to set things right, but unfortunately the redressed was taking lot of time.

 We are happy that all our problems relating to the technical side has been resolved now and restoration has been possible.  We have also ensured that this major technical problem will not strike us again at any time in future.   We never imagined occurrence of such a nagging and time consuming problem at any point of time in these nearly twelve years of our existence.  But now checks and balances are in place and we sincerely hope and pray god that our browsers are made to feel disappointed at any time in future.

In this connection I have to compliment the wonderful work done by some major technical experts in USA and in Bengaluru who were able to detect the problem and work vigorously in eradicating and resolving this problem.  We are also thankful to thousands of browsers who were continuously expressing their anxiety about the problem and praying for quick resolution to the problem.  I think such a support from our browsers is our major strength.

Chitraloka Mega Portal always stood for its non partisan reporting and its loyalty to the interests of the Kannada film industry.   We will continue to peruse our work in that direction. Once again we will assure all our browsers that Chitraloka will be swift and neat in reporting the developments of the Kannada film industry.  At the same time, the portal reserves its right to severely criticise any body responsible for damaging the causes to take the Kannada film industry into greater heights.  Whenever we feel that some developments are harming the interests of the Kannada film industry, we will not be silent observers.  We will certainly warn such designers and bring them to their senses. This will be our aim at all the time.


Chief Editor,

Chitraloka Mega Portal.

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