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chitraloka photo exhibition image
ambareesh during chitraloka photo exhibition

It is classic. Good work – Member of Parliament, actor Ambarish.

What Veeresh has done and placed it before us every one should see without fail and feel happy – This is the aspiration of actress Leelavathi – M.Leelavathi actress.

At the Sarthaka Suvarna time Veeresh has made this achievement. The entire film industry appreciates this work. I feel the history of film has been very good analytical work for everyone. For the coming generation this is not a still exhibition but a permanent stock. Now it is the duty of the government, industry and film fans have to protect this precious work done by K.M.Veeresh – Jayamala, actress and producer.

Congrats! An excellent job! All credit to Veeresh and team. Wish you all the best in your future endeavor – Jayanthi – Actress.

Nooru Kannu Saladhu…. Yee Nimma Chitra Sangraha Nodalu…. Great work- Love from Upendra – superstar of Kannada cinema.

One language film photo exhibition is for the first time. This is an achievement no doubt about it. The women fraternity artiste photographs should be more. – B.Sarojadevi Sri Harsha.

For every culture loving state the historical background is important. As an individual you have done this educative work. In totality this is good. This should have happened long ago. But it has happened now. T.S.Nagabharana - Film Director

All of a sudden my friend Veeresh has done a good job. This is excellent. This is not an easy job and not an easy achievement. It is like doing an art film with all bigwigs in the team. It is like watching a mega film experience. Veeresh is educated and not 'Aviveki' (as I always call him with affection) – Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar – Director.

Showcasing the Kannada film history in film stills is a very difficult task. Whether it may be straight or collected ones. Collecting it, making it beautiful to look and giving a neat presentation what Veeresh has done with great effort. He should get more encouragement from the industry. His challenging effort and sensibility is good. This should not restrict to Bangalore. It should go all the places of Karnataka. As I went through the pictures displayed the developments, ups and downs the path in which the Kannada film moved comes to my mind. This is a very special effort – Shivaram, artist, producer, and director.

This is a wonderful and unforgettable moment of the Kannada filmdom – Actress Shruthi.

Hats off to 'Anna' Veeresh - this is a good work. Art films photographs I am not able to find much. Your effort is commendable. I am happy. You should get the right results for this mega show – Thara and Venu – National award winning actress and her husband ace cameraman.

This is a very rare and splendid achievement. This is an absolute wonder. Hats off to the dedication behind the effort, I wish you a very successful journey. This show should be taken to major cities of Karnataka with rich rewards both economically and physically. With reverence to the great belief in Art! – Ramkumar, Actor.

This effort is commendable. It is very beautiful too. You have shown the history of Kannada cinema – Ashok Patil, Kannada film director

This is a different effort. The old and new roots combination is 'Apoorva Sangama'. This is commendable and a welcome step – V.Nagendra Prasad, lyricist and film director.

I have got a very new experience for the first time in my life. 72 years film photographs seeing in one roof not an easy task. This requires lot of effort. His effort is happy viewing for all of us. The entire film industry appreciates K.M.Veeresh. The industry should support Veeresh in his work – Thriller Manju, stunt director, actor and producer.

In the Kannada film industry no one has done this job. You have done a good job. Your brilliance is needed for Kannada filmdom. I wish all the best for you. Munirathna – Kannada film producer.

Wav! Fantastic! I don't have words to express my happiness. I went to ages back and felt happy for having seen most of the photographs – M.R.Seenu – Cinematographer.

The work is by excellent governance and brilliance. Hint for other language industry to show their mark of respect. Individual attention by Chitraloka i.e. Veeresh is marvelous. Best of luck for his future plans! This work is like a peacock feather on the industry cap – Sandeep – Actor.

It's a great job. No one can get this type of opportunity. I can't say anything in words. No one has done it in any language – S.V.Babu – producer.

Your effort takes us back to the good old days of black and white. This is solid and good effort. I have seen each and every photo spending two and half hours. I believe Kannada film industry has reached the heights. Let my friend Veeresh achieve some more distinction – M.Bhavanishanker, producer, director of small screen.

I don't have words to appreciate you Veereshji. This is very special effort. You should win in your career – N.Kumar – Producer.

Very good effort – first time see such exhibition in Kannada – Madhusoodhan Reddy.

Fantastic! Thank you for your dedication and time taken to educate the next generation – Yogish Dwarakeesh.

This is a very big achievement. In South India no one has done this work. This is a model for the present and coming generation – Shivakumar Actor.

You are not just a good talker but also an achiever. For your achievement my salute – Boodal Krishnamurthy – Director

A big organization or university should have taken this responsibility. But you have done alone. Your patience, devotion deserves full marks. This should not stop at this stage. This should be a permanent exhibition. That arrangement should happen – Good Luck! N.S.Shanker – Director

This effort is for the first time in the history – Rajendrakumar Arya – writer director.

For the entire film industry the work related to them from the beginning you have collected and showed it in this exhibition. You deserve kudos for this. To serve the Kannada film industry in several capacities let the almighty give more strength for you. I truly appreciate your work – Thoms D'souza, exhibitor.

This is the good piece of work no one has done. This is very rare. Aparna – actress and program conductor.

This is an achievement. For the entire Kannada film industry your effort is a good contribution. This is a milestone – Director Kodlu Ramakrishna.

For the six crore people you have introduced the three generation of films. The photographs you have exhibited have thousands of year's life. God's grace is there on you. Hats off, this is wonderful Mr Veeresh – K.Kalyan, lyricist and music director.

It is simply wonderful. Your creativity, patience, effort and interest have taken us to the new world and I was in different tune. Congrats. V.Manohar – Music director and Director.

Your effort is wonderful. The effort you have taken is evident. This is not a task of single person. But you have proved it. – Actor, director, producer – Jai Jagdeesh.

The effort of yours has come true. The flash back of more than 60 years I peeped in. This is a great job. Keep it up – Actress cum producer Vijayalakshmi Singh.

First I would like to congratulate for you Mr Veeresh. The present and past precious works the pride of our filmdom the each and every photo explain. This exhibition is a must see. This is surely going to be liked by all. – Ramesh Bhat, senior actor.

Hundred films could be done. But thousands of cinema stills collection is not an easy task. This is memorable for the Kannada filmdom. Many thanks for you. Chindodi Bangaresh – Director.

For the coming generation the photograph is a library. From 1934 you have showcased all the photographs – Actress Sriraksha.

Excellent – superb, Congrats – V.Balaji actor.

I went back almost 15 years after seeing photographs – Uday Huttinagadde actor.

The splendor of Kannada filmdom is shown in photographs. Showing all these photographs the memory has been brushed at this moment. Best effort - K.Manju producer, Lakshmisri Combines.

Very interesting indeed! You have really put in hard work. I had a very good journey of 70 years of Kannada cinema – Sharan, comedy actor.

It is not easy to get everybody together. But you have put an effort to get everyone in this rare photo exhibition. I am extremely happy – Honnavalli Krishna senior supporting actor.

The interest, devotion, commitment, effort is the result of this new challenging task. For all films fans this is a 'Rasadowthana'. This is sure to get appreciation from all. Your effort is commendable. – Former BJP MLA S.Sureshkumar.

The footprint of Chitraloka is really an eye opener. This is unforgettable and model work. Veereshji deserve all support. I am with you – Na.La.Narendra Babu, MLA Rajajinagar constituency, Bangalore.