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We are happy to share a big news with out ever increasing browsers family and the representatives of the Kannada film industry. The portal is entering an exciting phase of achievements and challenges after completing ten glorious years of its brouser friendly service in providing an authentic, faster, analytical news about Kannada film industry to a large section of fans and industry representatives. Today marks the beginning of the eleventh year of Chitraloka Mega Portal's continued commitment in providing the Kannada film fans an easiest mode of getting any information and development in a jet speed which has been unchallenged so far despite loads of competition in this segment.

Chitraloka was the first English portal which started providing information about Kannada films. After the success of Chitraloka, there were many developments which led to creation of many more websites with a similar motivation. Chitraloka welcomed such a development with happiness as there were more channels of web communication which were designed to spread information about Kannada films. But one thing is very Chitraloka is moving ahead in a faster pace by increasing its browsership which is evidenced by the increasing number of hits to the portal. Even daily and monthly analysis conducted by renowned and recognized portals have placed Chitraloka as the number one Mega Portal of Kannada films.

Chitraloka started at a time when there were many examples of dot com bust and even many of our well wishers were skeptical about the portal making a big impact. The growth has ben very steady despite many challenges the portal had to face. There were a large percentage of the people in the industry who were clearly unaware of the impact of the portal when we started operations, but now we can proudly say that a majority of Kannada film industry representatives have been regularly browsing the portal to get up to date information about Kannada films. I thing this is one thing that we can be really proud of. The fans have always supported us and the popularity of the portal can be gauged by the way the news and alalytical articles are displayed in face book and twitter pages by fans and Kannada film artists.