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Mr K.S.Mallappa (65years) father of noted cine photo journalist and Chitraloka.com editor cum proprietor K.M.Veeresh, the first inspirer for Chitraloka to evolve, died on Thursday (19th April 2001) evening at Mallige Nursing Home in Bangalore.

Mr Mallappa slipped from the vehicle he was traveling on Wednesday evening and his head was injured. He was immediately shifted to Mallige Nursing with the help of family doctor Dr.U.B.Joshi and he was operated for blood clot on the right side of the head. He did not respond for the operation and was declared dead on the Thursday evening exactly a day after his falling down from the vehicle. Mr Mallappa a retired Accounts Officer in the Karnataka Electricity Board was bubbling with activities after his retirement. He was a busy man helping the people who came for help and his association to religious activities brought him more pleasure. Two months ago he traveled Australia with his wife and was brimming with happiness but used to tell there is nothing like our homeland INDIA.

The redeeming feature of his life is that he has put the base for the genesis of CHITRALOKA website in Kannada and English on Kannada films. It may be recalled in one of his foreign jaunt with his son K.M.Veeresh the idea crept into the mind of Veeresh. With the technological advancement growth Veeresh had seen at Singapore his father immediately asked him to know more about it and use it in his life. Had this not been possible the idea of starting Chitraloka would not have happened says Veeresh the fond son of Mr Mallappa.

Mr Mallappa did not stopped at this stage. When the idea of starting Chitraloka was seriously proposed by his son Veeresh he vacated the ground floor house and made available space freely available for functioning of Chitraloka office. Later Mallappa acquainted himself with the present technology and used to spend half an hour with his son Veeresh to know about the significance of Chitraloka.com.

Today the office of Chitraloka.com looks deserted without Mr.Mallappa. The team of Chitraloka deeply mourns the death of father of Chitraloka.Com.