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The icon of Kannada cinema Dr.Rajkumar expressed that the urge in him to act has not yet gone. But the health is coming in the way. ‘I don’t want to dance. I pray God to give me strength to act’ – Dr.Raj told the crowded gathering at Atria Hotel at the 105 days celebration of Puneeth Rajkumar and Meera Jasmine starring ‘Mourya’ celebration.

‘Anna and Preethi Kottoru Devaru’ (those who have given food and love are God) Dr.Rajkumar patted the fans and producers of his films. He remembered the day he was released from Veerappan captivity. Rockline Venkatesh fell to the feet of Nedumaran and cried profusely. He told at that time ‘Namma Devarannu (Dr.Raj) Ulisikotre’ (You have saved our God). That is the velocity of affection of Rockline Venkatesh. He is ‘Dheera’ Dr.Raj appreciated the leading producer of Kannada cinema. Dr.Rajkumar quoted another example wherein the fans looked at him as God. ‘I was standing in the queue at Thirumala to get blessings of Lord Venkataramanaswamy. Those who saw me told that we have come here to see lord Venkateshwara but our God is standing in the queue’. I could collect only drops of water in my eyes Dr.Raj became emotional on the affection of fans.

‘For what I am today, my appaji’s blessing is responsible’. He used to tell me to always think about ‘you’ instead of ‘I’ in life Dr.Raj went philosophical.

The 105 days celebration was very well organized by producer Rockline Venkatesh and his team. Young actor Sunil giving the memento to senior actor Devraj was somehow not liked by the media persons. Otherwise the rain of mementoes with a background of colorful flowers was presented by former minister Dr.Parameshwara, Premnath of Nandini Milk products, Upendra, Chandrasekhara Swamiji and others. Film Chamber President H.D.Gangaraj, directors Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar, T.S.Nagabharana, actors Srinivasamurthy, Sunderraj, Jai Jagdeesh, committee members of film chamber were present.

In the success list I wish to be the last man said Puneeth Rajkumar addressing the huge gathering. Rockline Productions is like my home production said Puneeth. Puneeth expressed happiness because he was able to act with great artistes like Meera Jasmine, Devaraj and Roja.

Dr.Rajkumar entire family attended the function. Rockline Venkatesh and his wife honored Dr.Rajkumar on this occasion. Anand Audio proprietor Mohan presented his company mementoes to producer, director and music director. Director of ‘Mourya’ S.Narayan and his wife also honored Dr.Rajkumar. It was a feast for the cameramen and photographers. Baby Srisha welcomed the gathering and also proposed a vote of thanks. Biradar, Honnavalli Krishna, Srikanth Honnavalli lent some lighter moments.