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dr rajkumar and rajinikanth honoring puneeth rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Forest Brigand Veerappan should be shot dead immediately. He is a Rakshas. The Karnataka CM Krishna and the then CM of TN Karunanidhi have done tremendous job in getting back Dr.Rajkumar from the clutches of Veerappan. Like wise Nedumaran, Dr.Banu have also done good job declared the style king and super star Rajaninakth at the colorful 100 days celebration of APPU Kannada film at Ambedkar Bhavan in Bangalore on Saturday morning. Dr.Rajkumar kidnap has become world news and perhaps for this he was kidnapped opined Rajainikanth. Dr.Rajkumar and Superstar Rajanikanth took part in the three hours long celebration. The humbleness of Dr.Raj and Rajanikanth was one of the notable moments. Every time Dr.Raj got up Rajanikanth also got up to show his respect.

Superstar Rajanikanth made a wonderful speech in a flawless Kannada and also passed a word of caution to younger generation. Keep concentration on Subject then everything is possible Rajani quipped in his first appearance to a 100 days celebration in Kannada. He recalled his 35 years ago bondage with Bangalore and how he used to see Dr.Rajkumar films in Shivaji and Kempegowda theatres even after getting his shirt torn and getting beatings from his house. I stayed out once from 3 am to 8 in the morning as I had come late to the house because of my admiration to Dr.Rajkumar film. I have learnt one good thing from NTR, Shivaji and Amitabh. But all the three good things are imbibed in Dr.Rajkumar announced Rajanikanth to the thunderous applause. When he was in the forest with Veerappan my fans from Coimbatore, Madurai and other places in Tamil Nadu requested me to do something in releasing Dr.Rajkumar. Such is the power and strength of Dr.Rajkumar.

Baraguru Ramachandrappa declared Appu 100 days celebration is a ‘Cultural feast of Kannada film Industry.

It was a tidy and well managed 100 days celebration. Thanks go to Raghavendra Rajkumar and Madhu Bangarappa for making it successful.

It was after a long time Dr.Rajkumar came to mike to address. He recalled the chat he had with Rajanikanth. Continue your acting as long as you can. I can’t continue it because of my knee problem. So we have Rajanikanth’s ‘Baba’ ready. I am his fan. Eagerly waiting to see this film Dr.Raj proclaimed. He also remembered the film ‘Netrikan’ Tamil film in which Rajani did two roles of father and son with actress Lakshmi and expressed the depth in his acting potentiality. Dr.Raj agreed with the observations made by Baraguru Ramachandrappa in his speech. Preethi mundhe Yenu Illa. From inside and outside an actor should question himself. I am questioning from my Antharya but not got an answer. He sang a song Badhukidenu Badhukidenu…..for wonderful applaud from the audience.

The central attraction of the celebration Puneet disclosed that two R’s are his favorites. One is Rajkumar and the other is Rajanikanth. They are like Rolls Royce complimented Puneet. The confidence of Shivanna and Raghu boosted me up. He thanked everyone for making APPU successful and sang the song Talibaan Alla Alla.. and thrilled the audience.

B.Saroja Devi, KFCC President K.V.Chandrasekhar, Naiker Yoga Master of Dr.Rajkumar, actor Jaggesh, Ramesh Aravind also spoke on the occasion.

Sanjeev Kulkarni and Aparna conducted the three hours function beautifully. There was spicy food for the invitees too.