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Winning five film fare awards in all the categories is certainly a singular achievement and the "Nenapirali' team has just done it.
The film which won the audience acceptance last year has won the award for the Best film award (Producer Ajay Gowda), Best Director (Rathnaja), Best Actor (Prem), Best Actress ( Vidya Venkatesh) and Music Director (Hamsalekha).
Speaking to the "Chitraloka" portal from Chennai, the whole team expressed their happiness at the way the film got appreciation from the audience and also from the Jury.
Ajay Gowda says that all the problems he had faced has now become a thing of past and now only happy memories of getting a commercial acceptance and the award remain with him. Rathnaja says the award should go to the entire team and also the people who have given so much. of support to the film.
Prem says that he has been quite excited over this award and wants to thank Rathnaja and Gowda for the award. "I would like to dedicate this award to them' says Prem. Hamsalekha said that ”Nenapirali' has started a new trend and this will continue in the fiftieth year of the Glorious Karnataika. Vidya Venkatesh has won the award for her second Kannada film.
Meanwhile Ajay Gowda also hinted about announcement of a new film titled as `Aparoopa’ which will feature new actors. The story and screen play for this film is written by Director Rathnaja