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The English language should not make a ‘Savari’ (ride) on ‘Kannada’ language strongly observed the famous poet K.S.Nissar Ahmed in his speech at the Kannada Film Directors Association’s 17th and 18th annual awards evening at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall. The Karnataka Chief Minister present at the evening completely agreed to the observation of Nissar Ahmed in his speech. Not only this, the Karnataka Chief Minister – No.1 in the country (as Chief Minister) S.M.Krishna also admitted that he would not make invitations on his personal front in English and go only for Kannada. This is again on the advise of Nissar Ahmedji. The Chief Minister asked the Kannadigas to print invites in future in only Kannada.

It was a spectacular evening arranged by Kannada Film Directors Association to honor two giants Mr Mahesh Bhat of Hindi Cinema and Mr Priyadarshan of Malayalam cinema besides giving away honors to directors and artists of Kannada cinema. The evening was memorable because there were frank admissions and a feeling of happiness was seen among the audience too in the packed Chowdaiah Memorial Hall.

The Karnataka Chief Minister S.M.Krishna asked S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu to make his 48th attempt and go to BDA to get his work done. He also assured the Kannada film industry that he has a ‘Pranaya Sambadha’ with them and so he asked the delegation to get ready the blue print and meet the Information Ministry to obtain necessary help at the 300 to 400 acres of land meant for film industry at Hesaraghatta. On the remaining issues raised by N.R.Nanjunde Gowda, S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu and Prof.K.S.NissarAhmed the Chief Minister has promised to look into its detail and give a solution.

Known for his wonderful time sense and excellent behaviour the Karnataka Chief Minister S.M.Krishna recalled the John F Kennedy book ‘Profiles in Courage’ and picked up the line that ‘Grace under Pressure’ to disclose his position. He also asked the people of Karnataka to maintain peace and harmony under any given circumstances and called for ‘Samajada Samanvaya’. The Chief Minister also pointed to the tourism area as the most resourceful and admitted that the Karnataka tourism should grow on the lines of Kerala. To be precise the abundance of tourism spots what we have in Karnataka is fantastic in the entire country the Chief Minister observed

The speech made by Prof.K.S.Nissar Ahmed was equivalent to the film ‘Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu’ (a title of his own) comedy. But all the way there was some under currents in his speech. Observing strongly that English should not ride on Kannada, the professor did not asked the Kannadigas to give up English. It is a wonderful language but when you are Kannada speaking people the primacy should be attached for it, he said. I have not attended any invitation that included English when Kannada people gave it. Quoting the example of ‘Sow’ and ‘Su’ spelt in English for the Kannada words ‘Sowbhagyavathi’ the professor gave the Kannada meaning of ‘Sow’ – ‘Prayakke Banda Handi’ and ‘Su’ as ‘Chalavane Illadha naanya’ – when such words give very wrong meaning it is still in usage. I appeal to all the Kannada speaking people not give up ‘self respect’. Making his observation on the remake films in Kannada the professor quoted the lines of Rashtrakavi Kuvempu. He also appealed the producers to give up making films for pure business purposes. If it is only for business then it cannot be called as ‘Art’ he cautioned.

Receiving honor from the Kannada Film Directors Association the talented Hindi Cinema director Mahesh Bhat recalled his days in West Anjeneya Temple Street in Bangalore and how he got impetus from Prof.U.G.Krishnamurthy. I have learnt horses and lessons in Bangalore. It is UG who told me that I have a great future ahead and ignited me said Bhat. I believe that it is only the “Passion” that is very important in filmdom. I was told that when a Taxi Driver spoke well to you, then the State is also good. Now when film- makers talk good it is another bonus to the State. The Kannada film industry is daring to stand shoulder to shoulder today with Hindi Cinema. It has the ambition of becoming Entertainment Capital. It is only when dreams die you are no more. Think of big dreams then do not think smaller. It is only these types of podium bring the nation together. I go from here with good memories informed Bhat.

Addressing in his short speech director Priyadarshan recalled his sad days in Bangalore when he was here for Miss World Pigeant and feels thrilled and happy with this honor. He was in a complex and had a doubt whether he deserves this honor or not. He had not seen such a felicitation in his life so far with so many big people on the dais.

The President of the KANFIDA S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu recalled the ‘Super star’ titled bestowed on Karnataka Chief Minister in the last time and told that he is a ‘Mega Star’ today because he is the country’s best Chief Minister. Babu made an appeal to the Chief Minister to take away all the facilities given to remake films and in addition to it he asked the chief minister that the Kannada film should be made by a team consisting of full Kannada speaking technical team. Among the other demands furnished by Babu the Cinema Colony on the lines of Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu attracted the attention of the Chief Minister.

Noted actress of South India B.Sarojadevi appealed to the Chief Minister to identify the people from the film industry for national level honors.

The Karnataka Information Minister Shivanna advised the Kannada Film industry not to depend much on the Government for help. He agreed to the point made by the Karnataka Chief Minister and asked the film industry associations to join together and come for discussions.

There will be one more additional award from next year given under the belt of KANFIDA. It is for the best journalist. M.V.Revanna Siddaiah has come forward to institute this award.

The top actresses like Soundarya, Vinayaprasad, B.V.Radha, Girija Lokesh, actor Sudeep, South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce President K.C.N.Chandrasekhar, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President Tallam N.Najunda Shetty, producers Sa.Ra.Govindu, S.A.Chinne Gowda, Rehman, Thyagaraj and others were sitting on the audience side.

From the previous years KANFIDA awards evening this year’s function was well managed. Joe Simon proposed a vote of thanks.