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Rambo Releasing on September 7th

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Sharan's 100th film Rambo produced by Atlanta Nagendra will be releasing world wide on Friday, 7th September. This has been confirmed by Atlanta Nagendra in a long distance call from US to Chitraloka Mega Portal.  M.S.Srinath is the director of the film while Arjun Janya;s songs that includes Manethanka Baare have topped charts.  Another attraction of the film will be the work of  top cameraman S.Krishna behind the camera.  The film will be released under the Laddoo films banner.
Atlanta Nagendra is very happy about the  response to the songs and trailers from the Kannada film fans.  I really did not expect such a thunderous response to the trailers.  I think the entire team's hard work will yield very good results. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but something inside me tells that Rambo will be a big flick of this year' says Atlanta Nagendra speaking from USA.
Nagendra is coming to Bengaluru within a day or two and wishers to stay till the release of the film....He wants the film to have a proper release.
The innovative trailer released by the Rambo team about the film's release in July may be redundant now, but even that trailer has given enough leverage for publicizing the film among the Kannada film fans.

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