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  • B R Keshav Back With A New Film Called Mask

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    After his 50th film 'Swachcha Bharatha', director B R Keshav is back with a new film called 'Mask'. Keshav himself has written the story and screenplay of the film, apart from producing it.

    'Mask' marks the debut of Ram Charan and Rajani to silver screen. Ram Charan is the son of Sridhar, who was an associate of Dr Vishnuvardhan. B R Keshav first saw Ram Charan during the making of 'Swachcha Bharatha' and committed to do a film with him.

    The film has already been shot near Kukke Subramanya and other places. The film is likely to release in the month of November.

  • B R Keshav Completes Another Film Called Gaddappana Circle

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    Director B R Keshav has three unreleased films in his list and even before the release of 'Swachcha Bharatha', 'Mask' and 'Devvada Mane', Keshav has silently completed yet another film called 'Gaddappana Circle'.

    'Gaddappana Circle' features current sensation Century Gowda, Gaddappa and Abhi of 'Thithi' fame. One of the highlights of the film is Century Gowda and Gaddappa are playing the role of dons in the film. The shooting for the film is almost complete except for songs and Keshav intends to complete the songs soon.

    B R Keshav himself has written the story and screenplay of the film apart from directing it.

  • Jedarahalli Krishnappa Acts in Swachha Bharatha

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    Reformed don Jedarahalli Krishnappa who acted as a hero in a film called 'Jedarahalli' a few years ago is back to acting once again. The reformed don and now a social worker has acted in a new film called 'Swachcha Bharatha' being produced by KFCC vice-president B Vijaykumar and directed by B R Keshava.

    'Swachha Bharatha' has many artistes playing prominent roles and Jedarahalli Krishnappa who is known as JK has acted as social worker in this film. Apart from JK, nurse Jayalakshmi and others are also seen in small roles.na

    The film is the 50th film of director B R Keshava and stars Shivaram, Umesh Banakar, Ramesh Bhatt, M S Umesh, Sundar Raj, Karisubbu, Chandru and others.

  • Swachha Bharatha Launched

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    Former KFCC president B Vijayakumar's new film as producer 'Swachha Bharatha' was launched at the Sai Mandir in Hulimavu on Monday morning. Ex-president of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and FFI President Ravi Kottarkara came over as chief guest and sounded the clap for the first shot of the film. KFCC president Thomas D'Souza, Sa Ra Govindu and others were present at the occasion.


    The film stars Shivaramanna along with Ramesh Bhatt, M S Umesh, Sundar Raj, Umesh Banakar, 'Kaddipudi' Chandru, Shivani, Karisubbu and others in prominent roles. Director B R Keshava says apart from the cleanliness of environment, he is also talking about a clean mind in this film.

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