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  • 9th Bangalore International Film Festival Inaugurated

    biffes inauguration

    The 9th edition of the Bangalore International Film Festival was inaugurated on Thursday night in front of the Vidhana Soudha by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

    Buddhadeb Dasgupta who was supposed to attend the chief guest was absent due to ill health. Puneeth Rajakumar, KCA chairman S V Rajendra Singh Babu, KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Egyptian director Hala Khaleel and others were present at the occasion. Actress Radhika Chethan helped in lighting the lamp.

    The highlight of the event was however, the projection on the walls of Vidhana Soudha through video mapping.

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  • Bonanza For Sandalwood After Sa Ra Govindu's Request

    cm siddaramaiah, sa ra govindu image

    Kfcc president Sa Ra Govindu's effort has fulfilled. In the 2014-2015 state award function held at GKVK auditorium chief minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah has announced major facilities to Kannada film industry.

    On the stage, Sa Ra Govindu convinced CM to announce subsidy for 125 movies instead of 100 movies which is given at present. And also announced 5 lacs each to recently expired Anil and Uday during Mastigudi shooting tragedy.

    In the speech, CM told Anil and Uday were the upcoming artists. Because of the negligence of the Director and stunt director we have lost two artists. Siddaramaiah told this year we have given two years award together. From next year we will ensure award function will be held on Dr Rajkumar Birthday which is on April 24th. 

  • CM Promises To Solve Multiplex Ticket Price Issue

    cm siddaramaiah, sa ra govindu image

    The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has promised to look into the issue of overpricing of tickets in multiplexes and solve the issue in 3-4 days. Regarding Multiplex ticket rates issue in Karnataka has got a new life again.

    On Monday, Dhruvathara magazine headed by Om Satish felicitated chief minister Siddaramaiah at Vidhana Soudha. KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu and secretary MG Ramurthy attended the function.

    During this time Sa Ra Govindu gave a brief explanation to CM about the ticket rates in Multiples and how costly it is for all. Hearing the problems Siddaramaiah assured Sa Ra  Govindu that he will call a meeting regarding this issue within 3-4 days and will solve the problem.

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  • CM Siddaramaiah attend Yash-Radhika Pandith Reception

    yash radhika pandit marriage image

    Chief Miister Siddaramaiah on Saturday night attended the Yash-Radhika Pandith reception at the Tripura Vasini in Palace Grounds and wished the newly wed couple a happy married life.

    Apart from the Chief Minister, former Prime Minister H D Devegowda, Member of Legislative Assembly Muniratna, Aravinda Limbavali, Ashwathnarayan and others were present at the occasion.

    Apart from many politicians, many artistes including Ganesh, Dhananjay, Ravishankar, Shruthi, Sharan, Amulya and others were present at the occasion and wished the newly wed couple.

  • CM Siddaramaiah Releases Ishtakamya Songs

    isthtakamya image

    Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Jnanapeetha Award winner Chandrashekhara Kambara on Monday evening released the songs of 'Ishtakamya' being composed by Ajaneesh Lokanath. 'Ishtakamya' is being directed by Nagatihalli Chandrashekhar and the audio release was held at the Jnanajyothi Auditorium in Bangalore. Along with the Chief Minister, actor-director V Ravichandran, ministers H C Mahadevappa, Mahadeva Prasad, Umasri, KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu and others were present at the occasion.

    'Ishtakamya' stars Vijay Surya, Mayuri and Kavya Shetty in lead roles. B Jayashree, Mandya Ramesh, Suman Nagarkar and others play prominent roles in the film.Ravikumar Sana is the cinematographer.

  • Convince Bharathi Vishnuvardhan First: CM Siddaramaiah

    cm siddaramaiah

    Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has asked Vishnuvardhan's fans to convince Bharathi Vishnuvardhan to build the Dr. Vishnuvardhan memorial in Bangalore itself. The CM has said that if she accepts, then the memorial will be built in Bangalore.

    Earlier, there was a news that the Dr Vishnuvardhan memorial will be shifted from Bangalore's Abhiman Studio to Mysore. Even Vishnuvardhan's family including Bharathi Vishnuvardhan and Aniruddh had said that it is better to build the memorial in Mysore rather than Bangalore because of various legal problems. But the fans of the actor, protested against it saying that they wanted the memorial to be built in Bangalore. They even protested against this in Bangalore on Saturday and submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister in this regard.

    It seems that the Chief Minister has asked Vishnuvardhan's fans to convince Bharathi Vishnuvardhan to build the memorial in Bangalore itself. If Vishnuvardhan's family gives their permission, then the memorial will not be shifted to Mysore said Siddaramaiah.

  • Dr Rajakumar Birthday Celebrations In District Centres

    dr rajkumar birthday celebrations in district centres

    Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has announced that the government will celebrate the birthday of Dr Rajakumar not only in Bangalore, but also in district centres from next year onwards. 

    Earlier,  KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu who was present during the birthday celebrations of Dr Rajakumar in Ravindra Kalkshetra in the morning had requested the Government to celebrate the birthday of Dr Rajakumar in district centres apart from Bangalore. The Chief Minister in the evening officially announced that Dr Rajakumar birthday celebrations will be held in district centers from next year onward. 

    As per the request of Sa Ra Govindu Dr Rajkumar statue will be inaugurated at New Delhi Kannada Sanga soon said chief minister and told it was Dr Rajkumar who inaugurated that sangha at Delhi.

    The Chief Minister also announced that the 200 Rs ticket price as announced will be implemented soon and the Government order in this regard will be issued soon.

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  • Film Industry To Felicitate Siddaramaiah 

    cm siddaramaiah, sa ra govindu image

    The Kannada film industry led by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce will felicitate Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for extending support to the industry. The gala function is scheduled for May 26. In the last four years the Siddaramaiah dispensation has extended many facilities and introduced many policies sought by the induatry. This is not the first time a Chief Minister is being felicitated by the KFCC in a public function. Earlier then Chief ministers HD Kumaraswamy and BS Yeddyrurappa have been honoured by the industry for their help and support. 

    HDK was a film producer before becoming a politician and CM which endeared him to the industry. BSY was a film buff who watched films regularly with his family and reciprocated to the wishes of the film industry. Suddaramaiah does not watch films like BSY or is connected to the industry like HDK. But as CM he has extended the government support in his own way and met most of the requests and help sought. A small example is how he cleared medical help for ailing director RT Raghu within a day. 

    Even in government policy Siddaramaiah has been very liberal to the film industry. The Dr Rajkumar memorial was completed and inaugurated by him. Despite many court cases he managed to start the construction of the memorial for Dr Vishnuvardhan. For several decades the request for a film city was pending. The work has now started in Mysuru in a 100 acre plot. 

    The biggest contribution came in the budget this month. The ticket prices for films have been capped at Rs 200. The benefit fund for films has been increased to Rs 10 crore from Rs 1 crore. The proceeds from this fund will be used to help film personalities and their families in financial need due to health and other problems. 

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu has taken the lead in the felicitation programme. Last time such a felicitation was held for BS Yeddyrurappa, actor-director Ramesh Aravind directed the programme.

  • Lobby Behind Delay In Implementing Rs 200 Ticket Price

    cm siddaramaiah

    The Rs 200 cap on multiplex ticket prices that was supposed to come into effect today has not been implemented. It seems that the multiplex lobby is behind the government not showing urgency in the matter though it helps millions of film audience.

    Support Petition to Implement Rs 200 Limit on Film Tickets 

    The heavy ticket prices help a handful of businessmen who build shopping malls and multiplexes. Already pro shopping mall owners articles have started appearing in English newspapers. These articles invariably talk about having good business for malls and multiplexes, the heavy investment made and how profits will be affected. They never speak about how audience in Karnataka have been fleeced by multiplexes for the last 15 years. People in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh pay the least amount for tickets. The quality of theaters has not diminished there. In fact the condition of theaters in TN and AP are better.

    Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200

    There is open comments about going to court and taking legal action. This fear is being sown to show that the case can drag on for years and the scheme not implemented. If taking legal action was the option why have not builders and multiplex owners challenged the cap on ticket prices in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh? In Tamil Nadu the cap on ticket prices at Rs 120 has existed for the last ten years. Why has it not been challenged for a decade? The legality of such a law will be uniform throughout the country. Karnataka has to make the law under similar Acts made by Tamil Nadu. 

    The question is of interest of millions of common people versus the interest of handful of builders and multiplex owners.

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  • Puneeth Rajakumar Meets Chief Minister

    cm siddaramaiah meets chief minister

    Puneeth Rajakumar on Monday met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and talked about his latest film 'Rajakumara'.

    cm_siddaramaiah.JPGOn Sunday, the Chief Minister watched 'Rajakumara' in Mysore and congratulated Puneeth Rajakumar about his performance and for the film over the phone. Puneeth who was overwhelmed by the Chief Minister's gesture, met him today morning at his residence in Bangalore.

    Puneeth along with director Santhosh Anandaram, producer Vijayakumar Kiragandur and others met the Chief Minister and thanked him for not only watching the film, but also appreciating the film.

  • Rs 200 Movie Ticket: credit to Sa Ra Govindu And Rajendra Singh Babu

    jaimala, sa ra govindu

    'Success has many fathers while failure is an orphan' has been proved once again. The recent announcement in the Karnataka Government Budget about ticket prices is one such issue. The ticket prices has been capped at Rs 200 including in multiplexes. While there have been efforts by some people in the industry for the last few years in this regard, suddenly many people who had not even spoken a word about it earlier are claiming credit for the government's move.So who was behind the government's decision. Who pleaded with the government and convinced it?

    Rs 200 Budget Impact - Part 1 - KM Veeresh Writes

    First of all we should give credit to KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu, Chalanachitra Academy Chairman SV Rajendra Singh Babu, MLC Jayamala and the core committee members. They are the ones who put across the matter to the government on several occasion. They relentessly persued the issue and every time there was an opportunity to meet the government, CM or officials the issue was raised. 

    Many persons from the Kannada film industry have given memorandum to the concerned authorities regarding curbing ticket prices in multiplexes for the last few years. For the movie Actor produced by KM Veeresh under the banner Chitraloka.

    Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200

    sa_ra_singh_jaimala.jpgMovies there was a huge problem from the multiplexes. Along with Actor, another Kannada movie Bhale Jodi was also being targeted by multiplexes. The booking website showed houseful marks and prevented audience from buying tickets. KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu immediately called all the multiplex persons and asked them to sort out the issue. Earlier Dinakar Toogudeepa's film Maduveya Mamateya Kareyole faced similar problem.

    Keerthi Shankarghatta popularly known as Kirik Keerthi was writing on his Facebook page and campaigning about multiplex ticket rates from last 4-5 years.

    During last year's Budget time Actor director Dayal Padmanabhan started an Online petition to cap the Multiplex ticket price at Rs 120. There was tremendous response from all over India and more than 50,000 people signed the petition including movie stars. Inspite of all the fight nothing much happened in the last year's budget.

    This year there was a different movement. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who is very close to KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu heeded to the demand. Whatever Sa Ra Govindu has asked for the film industry, Chief Minister had responded positively. For example, nobody can forget the tragic incident during the shooting Mastigudi where actors Anil and Uday died. During the last State Award function Sa Ra Govindu and Rajendra Singh Babu gave a complete report to Chief Minister on the stage. In the same function Siddaramaiah announced Five lakh compensation each to the families of Anil and Uday. He also announced State Award function will be held every year on April 24th on Dr Rajkumar's birthday and increased the subsidy from 100 to 125 movies.

    Recently when reputed director A T Raghu was suffering from Kidney failure Sa Ra Govindu approached Chief Minister for help and got Rs 5 lakhs sanctioned.

    Before the budget KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu along with his office bearers, Rajendra Singh Babu and Jayamala had several discussions with Chief Minister and Government officials and explained the problems which Kannada film industry is facing. Finally in the budget whatever KFCC had asked the government has sanctioned. It just because of Sa Ra Govindu that all these things have been brought to fruit. 

  • Siddaramaiah Urges People To Watch Kannada Films

    cm siddaramaiah image

    The Chief Minister on Thursday urged the people of Karnataka to watch more Kannada films and support the Kannada film industry. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was talking during the inauguration of the 09th BIFFES in front of Bangalore.

    'Cinema is a powerful medium. The people must use this medium for awareness and good messages. Even the people must watch more Kannada films and support the industry. Earlier, there were very few films and artistes. But now the industry is churning out 180 films per year. Out of those films, how many quality films gets released is a matter to think' said the Chief Minister.

    Before that, KCA president S V Rajendra Singh Babu and KFCC chairman Sa Ra Govindu urged the Chief Minister to resolve the multiplex issue, for which the Chief Minister said a meeting will be called soon, where the multiplex issue would be discussed in detail.

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  • The Belgium Connection

    c m siddaramaiah h d kumarswamy image

    Recently there were reports that HD Kumaraswamy left for Belgium to visit the shooting of his son Nikhil Kumar's film Jaguar. It created a minor storm as there were serious political developments and the former chief minister was going to a film shooting at that time.

    Now current Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is going to Belgium to see his son Rakesh who is hospitalised there. While Nikhil is making his film debut, Kumarswamy was a producer even before he became a politician. Rakesh is however not new to films.

    He wanted to be an actor and started acting in the lead role in Nanage Neenu Ninage Naanu 15 years ago. But the film was shelved after the producer asked Suddaramaiah to fund it. Siddaramaiah said no to fund his son's film career. Now Siddaramaiah is going to Belgium to see his son, just like Kumaraswamy did, but for a different reason and not for films.

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