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  • Naane Next CM Trailer Launched

    naane next cm trailer launched

    The trailer of Ragini's latest film 'Naane Next CM' being directed by 'Mussanje' Mahesh was launched on Tuesday night in Bangalore. Shailendra Babu was also present at the occasion.

    'Naane Next CM' was launched in August last year and the shooting for the film has been completed. Now the team which has released the trailer, is looking forward for the release of the songs composed by Arjun Janya.

    'Naane Next CM' is written and directed by 'Mussanje' Mahesh and Premier Studios of Mysore is producing the film.Apart from Ragini, Srinivasamurthy, Devaraj, Mico Nagaraj, Padmavasanthi and others play prominent roles in the film.

    Naane Next CM Trailer Launch Gallery - View

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  • Ambarish Releases The songs of Naane Next CM

    naane next cm audio launch

    The trailer of Ragini's latest film 'Naane Next CM' being directed by 'Mussanje' Mahesh was released recently. Now actor turned politician Ambarish released the songs of the film on Tuesday night in Bangalore.

    The songs release event was attended by music composer Arjun Janya, actress Ragini, Padma Vasanthi, B V Radha, producer Shailendra Babu and others were present at the occasion.

    'Naane Next CM' is written and directed by 'Mussanje' Mahesh and Premier Studios of Mysore is producing the film.Apart from Ragini, Srinivasamurthy, Devaraj, Mico Nagaraj, Padmavasanthi and others play prominent roles in the film.

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  • First Schedule Of Gandhigiri Concludes

    prem, ragini image

    'Jogi' Prem starrer 'Gandhigiri' was launched last month and the team has silently finished the first schedule of the film in and near Mysore.Prem, Ragini,

    Prem, Ragini, Arundhati Nag and others had participated in the first schedule of the film and the team will be taking a little break as Prem is planning to fly abroad for scouting locations for his directorial venture 'The Villain'. Once back from abroad, the second schedule of the film will go on floors.

    The film is being directed by Prem's protege Raghu Hassan and is being produced jointly by Vedamurthy and R J Studios.

  • Gandhigiri Heroine Is Ragini

    actress ragini image

    Prem's new film which was earlier titled as 'Hitler' and was later renamed as 'Gandhigiri' is all set to be launched in the month of August.

    Meanwhile, actress Ragini has been roped in to play the heroine for 'Jogi' Prem in this film. Earlier, it was said that Prem and Arundhati Nag had been roped in to play prominent roles in the film. Now Ragini joins the film as the heroine.

    The film is being directed by Prem's protege Raghu Hassan and is being produced jointly by Vedamurthy and R J Studios.

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  • I Doesn't Know Anything About the Incident - Ragini

    natikoli image

    'Natikoli' actress Ragini has said that she doesn't have anything to do with 'Huli' producer Shivaprakash interrupting the photo shoot of the film and manhandling producer Venkat and director Sriinivasaraju and I am not responsible for the incident.

    Speaking to Chitraloka.com, 'when the incident happened I was in the dressing room and when I came out the incident had already occurred. I have met shivaprakash only once. I don't know why so many people had come there for the photo shoot. I don't have any boy friend or I'm in relationship with anyone. At present my work is only with the films and nothing else' says Ragini.

    The actress says she advised producer Venkat to file a complaint against Shivaprakash in the KFCC and KFPA. 'I have told producer Venkat to file a complaint to KFCC. I go alone to shoots and not even my parents accompany me for shooting. Sometimes it turns out to be dangerous like this. I have nothing to do with this nor am I responsible for such an incident' says Ragini.

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  • Parapancha Gets U/A Certificate

    parapancha image

    Krish Joshi directed Parapancha starring among others, Diganth, Ragini Dwivedi, Anant Nag and Ashok, has passed the censor test. The film has obtained U/A certificate without even a single cut suggested.

    After the Censor, the film is 2 hours and 18 minutes long. The audio of the film was released recently and got good response in the market. Three of the songs are already a hit. Sources said that the release date has not been fixed but Parapancha will be in theatres anytime in November. The film is made under the Yograj Movies banner.

  • Parapancha Movie Review

    Parapancha image

    Yogaraj Bhat is spoiling his reputation by lending his name to such films. 2016 may still be young but Parapancha is by far the worst film so far. It may carry the distinction for sometime to come. The film lacks clarity, focus, depth and anything else that makes a film worth while.

    Whether the film was spoilt during the scripting itself or during shooting is not known. But it is no doubt it is spoilt. It looks like 8-10 episodes of various serials was mixed up and Parapancha was created. 

    For the mundane to the silly, the film has it all. None of the characters have depth. Almost the entire film takes place in a bar (it is also supposed to be a restaurant but none of them seem to be eating or even ordering anything). Diganth plays a supplier who figures out and solves problems of various people drinking in the bar.

    The most irritating character is that of Rangayana Raghu. There are enough dialogues for 5-6 films in Parapancha and Rangayana Raghu speaks half of it. Watching Parapacha will make you pity yourself.

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  • Ragini Acted Kicchu Movie Creates History - Exclusive

    kicchu movie image

    Kannada movie Kicchu is the only movie in the world which stars two deaf and dumb artists Dhruva Sharma and Abhinaya who have acted as a deaf and dumb character in the movie. Dhruva Sharma is a CCL player and actress Abhinaya had acted with Puneeth Rajkumar in Hudugru. 

    Pradeep Raj who had directed Yash movie Kirataka, Anjada Gandu, Ganesh movie Mr 420, Bengaluru 560094 has directed this movie Kicchu. Ragini Dwivedi is in the lead role supported by Saikumar, Suchendra Prasad and others.

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  • Ragini Blasts Srinivasaraju

    shivam image

    Actress Ragini has blasted director Srinivasaraju and has called him a cheap film maker. Srinivasaraju and Ragini worked together in 'Shivam' and during the photo shoot of their next film 'Natikoli' the duo fought bitterly due to various reasons. The issue even went to the Karnataka film chamber of commerce. Though the issue became big, Ragini had not reacted anything about it. Ragini during the press meet of 'Hulidevara Kaadu' not only talked about the  issue, but also blasted director Srinivasaraju.


    'They tried to sabotage my career. What was the need to reveal unedited photos. He could have done sex film instead of doing such cheap gimmick. He should have some dignity. I don't want to work with him again. If the producer changes the director, then I may act in the film' said Ragini.

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  • Ragini Buys KPL Team

    actress ragini image

    Actress Ragini Dwivedi has bought the Bellary Tuskers team in the Karnataka Premier League along with Aravind Reddy of E-Zone. She is the second Sandalwood star to buy a KPL team after Sudeep who bought the Namma Shivamogga team last year.

    Sudeep also plays in the Rockstars team in KPL. Ragini however will not be part of the proceedings on the ground but will manage the team. It is not known what was the cost of the purchase and Ragini refused to divulge details about it. The new season of KPL will start on September 15.

  • Ragini Celebrates her Birthday with Fans

    ragini image

    Actress Ragini on Sunday celebrated her birthday with her fans and public and even attended a grand event organised by the Ragini Dwivedi Fans Association. The fans association had organised various charity activities apart from a huge event at the KASSIA auditorium in Vijayanagar. Ragini along with her father attended the event and donated clothes to elders and note books to the needy students.

    After that Ragini celebrated her birthday amongst her fans and public by cutting a huge cake. Lyricist K Kalyan was present at the occasion.

  • Ragini is English Teacher

    ragini image

    Ragini Dwivedi plays an English teacher in the film Gandhigiri in which she stars opposite Prem. She started shooting for the film on Friday. Ragini is transferred to a village school where she finds that not everything is in order.

    It is not just the students she has to teach but also people in the village. After several films in which she was wearing only jeans and jackets, the actress has finally gone back to wearing traditional dress in Gandhigiri. The actress said that she felt like Sushmita Sen in the film Main Hoo Na while wearing a saree for Gandhigiri. 

  • Ragini Is the Most Promising Face of Indian Cinema 2015

    ragini sexy image

    Glam doll actress Ragini has won an award for the most promising face of Indian cinema 2015 by the Indian affairs. The award is a very prestigious award given by the Indian leadership Conclave in Mumbai on Friday. Ragini is now in Mumbai to receive the award today evening

  • Ragini Loses 15 Kgs to Become CM

    ragini image

    Actress Ragini has lost 15 kgs after a strict workout. Her role in the new film Naane Next CM required her to be seen as extremely fit. So the actress put herself on an intensive workout regime and lost 15 Kgs. He had joined Jindal and now in strict diet. 

    She is now looking slim compared to earlier. She is currently shooting for the film in Manali. The film is an action thriller with political overtones. 

  • Ragini Rides Bike to Nandi Hills

    ragini image

    After scuba diving in the Maldives recently, Ragini is once again on an adventure trip. On early Sunday morning, she with a team of bike enthusiasts including producer Shivaprakash rode the Nandi hills on bikes.

    Ragini rode a Triumph superbike which many consider a challenge in itself. The actress is an adventure freak and known to take up so many challenges of this kind. She was obviously elated at easily managing to bike her way up the winding ghat section of the famous hills and reach the top.

    Ragini lived up to her image as an action star in Sandalwood and proved that she is not just content with action on the silver screen but can do such things in real life also. 

  • Ragini Sings For Naane Next CM

    ragini sings for naane next cm

    Actress Ragini has sung a song for her upcoming film Naane Next CM. This is her first effort at singing a song for a film. The film is directed by Mussanje Mahesh. Ragini completed singing the song on Tuesday.

    NNC is an action film in which the actress is doing many stunts in her own. During the shooting in Mysuru earlier, she was injured and had to be hospitalized. She recovered and continued shooting after a few days.

  • Ragini to be Discharged Soon

    ragini image

    Actress Ragini who was admitted to Vikram Hospital because of food poison is slowly recuperating and will be discharged soon. Ragini was admitted to Vikram Hospital recently when she complained of stomach ache.

    The doctors diagnosed it as food poison and started treatment. Now that Ragini is slowly recuperating, there is news that she will be discharged soon.

  • Ragini Turns Emotional During Ranachandi Audio

    ragini image

    Actress Ragini turned emotional during the audio release of her latest film ‘Ranachandi’ which is being produced by Kuppuswamy and directed by Anand P Raju. Ragini was speaking during the audio release of the function and suddenly turned back side and could not control tears. The dignitaries who were present on the dais were confused and after a few seconds, Bhavana and others consoled her. After that also Ragini seemed restless and could not control her tears.

    Ranachandi Audio Released

    ‘I am emotional today because I have seen lot of ups and downs and have struggled a lot. Many people say that I am very strong. But in spite of that I have found it very difficult to do solo films. In spite of everything, I am standing and fighting everything. I thank everybody who has stood by me in this struggle’ said Ragini.

  • Ragini's Naane CM to be Launched on August 20th

    naane cm image

    Ragini's new film 'Naane CM' being directed by 'Mussanje' Mahesh is all set to be launched on the 20th of August in Mysore. 'Naane CM' is being presented by Premier Studios of Mysore and stars Ragini in prominent role. Like her previous films like 'Ragini IPS' and 'Ranachandi', this film also doesn't have any hero. Apart from Ragini, Devaraj, Srinivasamurthy, Mico Nagaraj, Padmavasanthi, Suchendra Prasad, Sharath Lohitashwa, Ramesh Bhatt, Rangayana Raghu and others play prominent roles in the film.

    Mahesh himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues apart from directing the film. Arjun Janya is in charge of the music.

  • Ragini's Snake Dance In Uppu Huli Khara - Exclusive

    ragini snake dance image

    Actress ragini became a snake in the movie uppi huli khara directed by Imran Saradaria .

    Speaking to Chitraloka, Imran said 'Myself and Ragini's combination songs have become super hit till now. I approached Ragini for the song with a special appearance. When I explained the concept to her she started worrying saying she is afraid of snakes and to perform it would be difficult. I explained her she is performing the role of queen cobra and then she accepted. She took practice for a day and we did three days shooting which will be one of the highlight in the movie.

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