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  • Anup Sa Ra Govindu Back As Mr Perfect

    mr perfect movie image

    Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President Sa Ra Govindu's son Anup Sa Ra Govind's second film 'Mr Perfect' is all set to hit the screens on the 08th of December. This is his second film after 'Dove'.

    'Mr Perfect' is being produced by Avula Subbaraidu and A Ramesh Babu has written the screenplay and dialogues apart from directing the film.

    'Mr Perfect' stars Anup along with Shalini who had earlier acted in 'Plus' and 'Rajaru'. 

  • Anup Sa Ra Govindu Begins His New Film

    anup sa ra govindu image

    Away from the glare of publicity, Anup Sa Ra Govindu has silently started acting in a new film. After Dove's success this is Anup's new movie. The new film is directed by Ramesh Babu which is his first Kannada movie and produced by Subbu Rayadu.


    Shooting for the film is going on near Doddaballapur. Night shooting is in progress. Prabhakar Reddy is the cinematographer who had done Premakatham in Telugu. The heroine of the film is not yet finalised.  More details is awaited.

  • Anup Sa Ra In Subba Mattu Subbi

    anup sa ra govindu image

    Anup Sa Ra Govindu who is shy of publicity has silently signed a new movie Subba mattu Subbi starting from November 11th. This movie is produced by Shekhar who had earlier produced Mast Mohabath movie starring lovely star Prem and Poonam Bajwa in lead directed by debutant Mohan Malagi.


    Subba Mattu Subbi is also directed by another debutant Charan Raj. Putta Gowri Maduve tv serial fame actress Ranjini Raghav is the heroine for Anup.

    After Dove movie success Anup is acting in an untitled movie directed by Ramesh Babu and produced by Subba Rayadu which the shooting is in progress.

  • Dove Movie Review

    dove image

    Dove is a superb debut film for Anup, son of popular film producer and president of the Akhila Karnataka Dr Rajkumar Abhmanigala Sangha. The film is directed by Alemari Santhu and also stars Aditi Rao, Sharat Lohitashava, Rakesh Adiga, Avinash, Madalasa Sharma and others. The film is a perfect combination of romance, action, comedy and drama. It is the best debut Anup could have asked for. The film is a perfect showcase for him to show all his skills including acting, fighting and dancing. He utilises it to the fullest extent and there is no doubt that this film will endear itself to the Kannada audience.

    The film is about a middle class boy Anup falling in love with the daughter of a very rich and powerful advocate. Their relationship starts on a sour note but soon they become a pair and there is no hurdle for their love from anyone. But suddenly there is a strange twist with the hero being arrested for a murder. No one in his family or the girl believes it but there is a tight case against him. There is also another story going parallel. In that two lovers plot to kill the boy who gets engaged to the girl. Another plot line is that of a police officer who is on the hunt for gold smugglers. All three stories mix up to create problem for Anup. How he manages to escape from the seemingly impossible problem is narrated in a quick and engaging narrative by Santhu.

    Anup has done a decent job and should become a better actor in coming days. Other actors who have done good job include Avinash, Sharath Lohitashava, Rakesh Adiaga and Madalasa Sharma. The film has some melodies which come up every now and then. The cinematogrpahy is good and overall the film is a decent package. However the film is given an A certificate for showing ganja smoking and content. This film needs all the encouragement given to newcomers as it is a very good attempt and there are some special moments in the film and some lively and new elements. Dove is a more than a good film. 

    Chitraloka Review - 3.5/5

  • Dove Releasing on Oct 9th

    dove image

    Senior producer Sa Ra Govindu's Son Anoop's debut film Dove is getting ready for release on 9th October. Lucky distributor Kanakapura Srinivas is releasing the movie RS Rilms. Movie is directed by Alemaari fame Santhu.


    In the press meet Producer BK Srinivas has arranged to show the trailers and songs of the movie to the media. RS Srinivas, Anoop, Aditi, Rakesh Adiga, Cinematographer KS Chandrashenar, Kumar Govindu, San City Vishwa Kariappa, Umesh Banakar and others were present.


  • Dove Shooting From December 9

    dove image

    Producer B.K.Srinivas will be  launching his new film  ‘Dove’ under the direction of Santhu who had directed the film "Alemaari' for him. The film will be launched on December 9 in Bengaluru.   Already Anup, son of Sa.Ra.Govindoo has been selected as one of the  heroes of the film..

    'Anup a teenage guy doing the role of a college student in the film said Santhu.    Arjun Janya is the music director of the film while , KS Chandrasekhar is the DOP. .

    Benkoshir had called in a press meet on  Saturday afternoon which also happened to be his birthday.

    A new actress Meghana is Aditi in her debut.  Anup. Rakesh Adiga, Pragna, Sharat Lohitashava, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu and others are in the cast. Santhu describes  ‘Dove’ is a youthful cinema.I am now  concentrating in composition of the songs. 'There are five plus one bit song in the film and I am writing the lyrics of the film while Manju Mandavya has written the dialogues' said Santhu.  According to him there is enough of action and emotion. Anup in his debut has been given sufficient training in the last four months. Mass Madha in stunts, Kalai is teaching dance for Anup.

  • Dove to Release on October 09th

    dove movie image

    Senior producer Sa Ra Govindu's son Anoop's debut film as a hero 'Dove', which has been in the making for the last two years is finally ready and the film is scheduled to hit the screens on the 09th of October.

    'Dove' is written and directed by Santhu and produced by B K Srinivas. The film was launched two years back and the audio release itself was held one year back. The film got delayed due to various reasons and now the film which has been censored with an 'U/A' certificate will hit the screens this Friday.

    'Dove' stars Anoop Sa Ra Govindu and Aditi Rao along with Rakesh Adiga, Madalasa Sharma and others. Arjun Janya has composed the songs for the film.


  • Guruprasad To Direct Anup Sa Ra Govindu

    guruprasad to direct anup sa ra govindu

    Even before the release of 'Eradane Sala', writer-director Guruprasad had announced that he would be doing a film called 'Adema'. Now the film is all set to be launched on Dr Rajakumar's birthday.

    This time Guruprasad has roped in actor Anup Sa Ra Govindu to play the lead role in the film. The film is being produced by Sridhar Reddy under the Sri Vijayaganapathi Films Banner.

    Guruprasad himself has written the story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics of the film.

  • Mr Perfect Movie Review - Chitraloka Rating 3/5

    anoop sa ra govindu in mr perfect

    Anup Sa Ra Govindu returns to screen with a special film. The film is special because of its content. It does not follow the routine formula of characters. Anup plays a government officer who has to find solution to a locked out factory. 

    The film is a perfect blend of drama or comedy and entertainment. The director has managed to showcase an innovative kind of narration in this film with this unusual story.  He manages to create a new kind of characters that are not regularly seen in Kannada movies. 

    The film can also be called a semi horror film. There are three main characters in the film which are played by Anup, Ramesh Bhat and Bullet Prakash. All three of them have given their best performances. 

    Director Ramesh Babu has given a new kind of film. He has also managed to give it a different layers of narrative. 

    How can a film that has some business issues, a horror touch and supposedly also a father-son family drama turn into a suspense thriller? You have to watch Mr Perfect to understand that. 

    Overall it is an entertaining film that does not follow the regular formula. There are some good performances and a neat story narration. Common is nothing uncommon.

    Chitraloka Rating 3/5


  • Subba Mattu Subbi Launched

    subba mattu subbi launched

    Anup Sa Ra Govindu starrer Subba Mattu Subbi got launched at Kanteerava Studio.The movie is produced by Shekar who had produced Mast Mohabath.


    Subba Mattu Subbi is directed by debutant Charan Raj. Putta Gowri Maduve tv serial fame actress Ranjini Raghav is the heroine for Anup. Veteran director Rajendra Singh BABU switched on the camera. Sa Ra Govindu and producer Shekar had made the arrangements very well.

    Director Nanjunde Gowda, MG Ramamurthy, A Ganesh, NM Suresh, KM Veeresh, Ramesh YADAV, Padu Gowda, Narasimhalu, B Rajendra, Bullet Prakash, Jagan and many industry personalities wished Subba mattu Subbi team.

  • Sudeep Releases The Trailer Of Saguva Dariyalli

    sudeep released trailer of saguva dariyalli

    Actor-director Sudeep on Saturday night released the trailer of Anup Sa Ra Govindu's new film 'Saguva Dariyalli' at the Renukumaba Preview Theater in Malleshwaram.

    saguva_dariyalli_1teaserlau.jpg'Saguva Dariyalli' was launched a few years back and now the shooting of the film is complete and the team is busy with the post-production work. The film is being directed by Shivakumar.

    Meanwhile, the trailer of the film has been released by Sudeep. Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu, N M Suresh, A Ganesh, M G Ramamurthy and others were present at the occasion.

  • Vijay to Watch Dove Today Afternoon

    dove movieimage

    Off late, may actors are seeing other films and promoting those films. Recently Shivarajakumar had watched 'Kendasampige' at the Movieland theater along with the public. Now 'Duniya' Vijay has also joined the bandwagon.

    Actor 'Duniya' Vijay will be watching Anoop Sa Ra Govindu starrer 'Dove' today afternoon. Vijay will be watching the film during the matinee show at the Nartaki theater along with the public.

    'Dove' stars Anoop, Aditi Rao, Rakesh Adiga and others in prominent roles. The film is being directed by Santhu and produced by B K Srinivas.

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