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  • Actor Back in Multiplexes

    actor movie image

    After two days of continued fight for the right of Kannada films, the film Actor is back in multiplexes from today. In the last two days there was a conspiracy to remove Kannada films from multiplexes by falsely showing on online booking websites that the shows were full. People could not book tickets because of that. Then citing there were no audience, shows were being cancelled from Monday. Actor film team brought it to the notice of the Film Chamber and showed how Kannada films are being cheated by multiplexes.

    Other producers like Shailendra Babu, whose film Bhale Jodi is also being targeted by multiplexes and Dinakar Toogudeepa whose film Maduveya Mamateya Kareyole faced similar problem came in a joint effort to fight the wrongdoing.

    Film Chamber president Sa Ra Govindu organised a meeting including producers and multiplexes representatives. All the mistakes and deliberate efforts to curb Kannada films were pointed out.

    Multiplexes agreed that Kannada films should be given breathing space and should not be removed from screens after just two days.

  • CM Promises To Solve Multiplex Ticket Price Issue

    cm siddaramaiah, sa ra govindu image

    The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has promised to look into the issue of overpricing of tickets in multiplexes and solve the issue in 3-4 days. Regarding Multiplex ticket rates issue in Karnataka has got a new life again.

    On Monday, Dhruvathara magazine headed by Om Satish felicitated chief minister Siddaramaiah at Vidhana Soudha. KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu and secretary MG Ramurthy attended the function.

    During this time Sa Ra Govindu gave a brief explanation to CM about the ticket rates in Multiples and how costly it is for all. Hearing the problems Siddaramaiah assured Sa Ra  Govindu that he will call a meeting regarding this issue within 3-4 days and will solve the problem.

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  • KFCC asks Govt to Cap Multiplex Prices at Rs 150

    Sa Ra Govindu Image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has requested the state government to restrict the price of tickets in multiplexes at Rs 150. It has also requested that prices of edibles sold at multiplexes be controlled as it is exorbitant now. It has cited the examples of neighbouring states where the ticket prices have a ceiling of Rs 150. This and several other demands were placed before the chief minister Siddaramaiah by KFCC led by its president Sa Ra Govindu at the pre budget meeting today. 

    The other proposals the KFCC has presented include exempting film making, Distribution and exhibition from the upcoming GST tax. As Kannada films enjoy tax free status now, it was requested that the same may be continued and necessary steps be taken. The service tax in GST is sought to be kept at 5 percent. 

    The third demand is to get multiplexes to screen Kannada and other languages of Karnataka in prime time in multiplexes. 

    The fourth demand is to exempt tax for standies, posters and bills of films displayed in the premises of theatres and multiplexes. 

    The fifth demand is to drop the show tax on films. Each show of films in theatres are taxed but the revenue generated from it is negligible. So this is sought to be removed completely. 

    The sixth demand is to increase the surcharge on non Kannada films. Currently Rs 1 surcharge is collected from each ticket for non Kannada films. This surcharge is requested to be increased to Rs 5 and used for development of Kannada films. 

    The seventh demand is to create a housing project for film persons near the upcoming film city in Mysuru.

  • MMK Team Meets Information Minister Roshan Baig

    kaviraj, dinakar toogudeepa image

    The 'Maduveya Mamateya Kareyole' team on Saturday met Information Minister Roshan Baig and gave a memorandum about Kannada problems facing problems in multiplexes in Karnataka. Recently the screening of 'Maduveya Mamateya Kareyole' in PVR Multiplex in the Orion Mall was cancelled due to various reasons.

    The team of 'MMK' including Dinakar Thoogudeepa and director Kaviraj had filed a complaint against the multiplex.

    On Saturday KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Kaviraj, Dinakar and others met Information Minister Roshan Baig and gave a memorandum about the plight of Kannada films in multiplexes and the team urged the minister to frame rules like what Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra Governments have done to protect the regional cinema. Baig has said that he will look into the matter and would try to resolve it soon.

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  • New Multiplex Inauguration Tomorrow 

    new multiplex inauguration tomorrow

    A new 5-screen multiplex will be inaugurated at the new GT Mall in Bengaluru tomorrow. The mall is on the Dr Rajkumar Road and Magadi Road junction. HD Deve Gowda, Anantha Kumar, Ambareesh will be the chief guests. This will be the 33rd multiplex in Bengaluru and add to the 128 multiplex screens already present.


    The mall and multiplex has been built on the place which had the Pramod theater. The Prasanna theater next to it will continue as a single screen.

  • Ranna Completes Weekend on a High - Exclusive

    ranna image

    As expected Sunday was a super collection day for Sudeep's new film Ranna. While reports from across Karnataka indicate that the film's colleciton were matching those of the release day of June 4, the collections in Bengalur were also very encouraging. The real test of the appeal in the city comes from the multiplexes. A chekc on the last shows of Sunday in multiplexes in Bengaluru for Ranna shows a clear win for the film.

    The late shows on Sunday for example, 10 pm show at PVR Orion Mall Rajajinagar, 10 pm Carnival Rockline Mall, 9pm and 10 pm shows at new multiplex Cinepolis Magadi Road, 9.55pm at INOX JP Nagar, 10 pm Gopalan Arch Mall, Cinepolis Banerghatta Road, were either houseful or almost full with a few seats left. The 10 pm shows at PVR Elements Mall, PVR Koramangala and Vision Cinemas (9.40) were around 60 percent.

    The only bad low show with less than 50 percent seating filled was the 10 pm shows at PVR Pheonix City Mall, Cinemax Total Mall, Cinemax Central Mall which are not traditional Kannada film areas. Thus with the bigger than anticipated Sunday collections sources conclude that Ranna could have created a new record for the opening weekend in Kannada.

    The film has easily gone past collecting Rs 13 crore gross in the first four days. Thus the film has crossed a net collection of Rs 10 crore in the opening weekend itself which is a record for a Kannada film. Ramachari the biggest hit in recent times too had a big opening but it reached Rs 10 crore net much later when word of mouth increased collections after release. 

  • Rs 200 Budget Impact - Part 2 - Baahubali Will Be a Test Case

    Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Baahubali Image

    What will be the real on ground effect of the Rs 200 limit on multiplex tickets? The test will come soon enough. As we have seen before, it is the big non-Kannada films that have spurred the exorbitant prices of tickets in Bengaluru's multiplexes. Let me reiterate again that though the cap is for all theatres, single screens and theatres outside Bengaluru hardly ever have ticket prices above Rs 200. It is only multiplexes in Bengaluru that have these unreasonable price.

    Rs 200 Budget Impact - Part 1 - KM Veeresh Writes

    The test of the impact will come in April when the big non-Kannada film Baahubali the Conclusion is releasing. The Telugu film is among the big non-Kannada film releasing in Karnataka this year. In 2015 the first part of the film was released and for weeks multiplexes had high ticket prices for the film. After that film, Hindi film Bhajarangi Bhaijaan also had high ticket prices. These films are said to have drained Rs 50 crore from the Karnataka market to outside. These two films also affected other films because audience who normally watched 3-4 films in a month ended up watching only one movie.

    Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200

    The effect of Rs 200 cap is already being witnessed in the case of Baahubali. Expecting high ticket prices, the demand from distributors for Karnataka rights of the film was said to be Rs 35-40 crore. But since the announcement and expecting it to be implemented within a month before that film releases, the demand for the film from distributors has come down drastically. The distributors were expecting to recover the money within two weeks of release by pricing the film very high in multiplexes. But with the cap of Rs 200, the film will have to have a longer run of at least 4-5 weeks with the same capacity. 

    CM Promises To Solve Multiplex Ticket Price Issue

    Expecting that the film may find it difficult to recover such a huge amount, the asking price for the film has come down drastically according to sources. Infact except for Baahubali no other non-Kannada film had demanded so much money for distribution rights in Karnataka. Even Rajinikanth's Tamil films which enjoy large appeal was sold for much less. Only two non-Kannada films have been sold for more than Rs 10 crore in Karnataka for distribution. One is Baahubali The Beginning (Telugu) and the other is Kabali (Tamil). All other films including of big stars was available for Rs 2-3 crore earlier has now doubled or tripled. But not all of them make profit. 

    Chiranjeevi's 150th film Khaidi No.150 was brought to Karnataka by paying Rs 8 crore. The film just about managed to recover its cost for the distributor. The film was a remake of a Tamil film. Now another Telugu film releasing this month Katamarayudu has been purchased for Rs 7 crore. The film will escape the Rs 200 cap. So it will be Baahubali which will be the real test for non-Kannada films in Karnataka. Going by the success of the previous instalment, the film may make big money. But how the local distributors react to the Rs 200 cap will decide the fate of non-Kannada films henceforth.

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  • Rs 200 Ticket Will Help Multiplexes - KM Veeresh Writes

    multiplex image

    Many people are assuming that it is film audience who will benefit more from the cap on ticket prices at Rs 200. But pause and think and there is a surprise. With the Rs 200 price cap set by the Karnataka government in the recent budget there is no doubt that consumers will benefit. But let us analyse the other beneficiaries. 

    Movie lovers who go with family to a movie theater used to spend Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 per movie in a multiplex. Now they have to spend around Rs 1500 to Rs 2000. So this family can watch 2-3 movies in a month.

    Rs 200 Budget Impact - Part 1 - KM Veeresh Writes

    The biggest advantage therefore is to multiplex owners. For normal Kannada movies in the week says the price was between Rs 120-150. Only for Kannada movies with big stars they used to hike the price on first week or weekends and that too not like the hike they did for other language movies. 

    Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200

    Other language Star movie tickets was somewhere around Rs 200-400 in the week days and in the weekends it used to be around Rs 600 to Rs 1000. This craze would be for first two weeks. Now with the price cap by the government audience will have the chance to view more movies in a given month and if the movie is good they see the same movie a second time also. Multiplex has the advantage of getting more crowd now. 

    multiplex_tickets_cm.jpgSecondly since in many single screen theaters the maintenance is not up-to the mark now audience has the choice of seeing the movies in multiplex since they maintained clean and the malls they are in is always air conditioned. If they don't get the ticket for their desired movie there is a choice for them to go to some other movie since many malls have 6 – 10 screens with different films. The price difference between single screens and multiplexes has narrowed and more people will move from single screens to multiplex for the better service and options they provide. 

    This Chitraloka analysis shows multiplex malls will not suffer much after the price cap but in fact benefit from them.

    The major persons who will be affected with the price cap will be the other language producers and distributors. Those who were buying the distribution rights with fancy price may have to think twice now.

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  • Upendra Organises a Celebrity Show of Uppi 2

    uppi2 image

    It's been one week since Upendra starrer 'Uppi 2' has been released In Karnataka and Andhra. The film has been garnering mixed reviews from fans and public. Meanwhile, Upendra had organised a special show for the celebrities of Sandalwood.

    The show was organised at a multiplex in Bangalore and many celebrities including Ramesh, Shivarajakumar, Sharan, Kashinath, Kumar Govind, Murali, Santhosh Anandram, V Manohar, Indrajith Lankesh, Gurukiran, Arun Sagar, Kavitha Lankesh and others were present at the occasion.

  • What Happens if Baahubali 2 is Dubbed in Kannada? – KM Veeresh Writes

    bahubali 2 image

    From the last 2-3 years the chorus for releasing dubbed films and serials in Karnataka is gaining lots of attention. The argument going on is Kannada language can be saved from the dubbed movies. That is what UNESCO says about saving language, some aruge. Some organisations are against dubbing and several protests were taken up. But CCI (Competition Commission of India) has finalised their decision in favour of dubbing. So legally there is no way of stopping dubbing unless a law is made by the State or Union governments.

    Once when CCI entered the field KFCC, KFPA, directors association, KTV, Okkutta and some organisations had to keep quiet and not voice their opposition as it was against competition according to CCI.


    But Some individual organisations are still fighting against dubbed movies. Now there is a huge buzz that Bahubali 2, the Telugu film should be dubbed in Kannada and should get released. This is getting more attraction in social media. Chitraloka collected information from many sectors and many of them are opposing the dubbing of this movie to Kannada. There is also opposition to the release of the Telugu film itself for the reason of Satyaraj. The Tamil actor who plays a major role in the film had spoken very cheaply during the Cauvery water protests in Tamil Nadu. He had insulted Karnataka and Vatal Nagaraj and other Kannadigas.

    CCI Imposes Fine on KFCC in Dubbing Issue

    People supporting dubbing in Kannada are bringing old other language movies to get it released here. Probably it's an attempt to make the entry of dubbed movies de facto. Legally there is no bar on dubbing and sooner or later, big budget films of other languages will be released in Kannada dubbed versions.

    It will open up the Kannada market for other languages this way. Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English film makers can look forward to making more profit in Karnataka from their films.

    Uma Column 23 - ಡಬ್ಬಿಂಗ್ ಭೂತ ಅಲ್ಲ, ಭವಿಷ್ಯ

    In Tamil Nadu dubbed movies are released but at the same time the dubbed film's original language is not allowed to release. Chitraloka contacted many persons from the film industry regarding this and they are of similar opinion. They say let the dubbed movies get released but they should not release their straight movies here. Let the government take action making all movies should enter to Karnataka in Kannada version only.

    Challenges Before Dubbing - Exclusive

    Some of our own people who are fighting for the dubbed movies release are not talking about this aspect. Are they for release of both the original and dubbed films at the same time? If a movie like Bahubali2 gets released it will occupy more than 300 screens in Telugu version in Karnataka and dubbed versions in Kannada will occupy another 300 screens. This will damage our original Kannada films more than anything. For example, say in Rajajinagar area, Telugu films are released in Anjan theatre and Kannada films in the neighbouring Prasanna and Veeresh theatres. If Baabhubali 2 releases only in Kannada it may occupy Anjan theatre. But if it releases in both Kannada and Telugu, it will occupy Anjan with Telugu version and either Prasanna and Veeresha in Kannada version. Last time when Baahubali part 1 released, Kannada films like Rangi Taranga managed to survive and thrive because of this. Now if both language version of other language films release, original Kannada films will not have theatres. This will be the situation not only in Rajajinagar or Bengaluru but across Karnataka.

    Uma Column 24 - ಬಂದದ್ದೆಲ್ಲಾ ಬರಲಿ, ಡಬ್ಬಿಂಗ್ ದಯೆಯೊಂದಿರಲಿ!

    Will other language film makers agree to release only the dubbed Kannada version in Karnataka is the big question. They are already minting money in Karnataka and it is unlikely they will agree to this  situation. Last time Baahubali Part 1 released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi versions in Karnataka. They occupied the screens that regularly screen these language films. Telugu version released in films regularly screening Telugu films and likewise for Tamil and Hindi versions. If a Kannada version is released, it will be released in theatres screening original Kannada films regularly.

    Dubbing In Kannada Will Be Failure - Prashanth

    Kannada films occupy 50 per cent of the single screens in Bengaluru and around 25 per cent of the multiplex screens now. If other language films are dubbed in Kannada, the share of other language films will increase, albeit in the guise of Kannada language. The profits will flow out of Karnataka. Now 30-40 per cent of film revenue in Karnataka goes out of Karnataka. With dubbed films it will increase to 50 percent or beyond that according to film industry sources. It will mean less investment in Kannada films.

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